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Deepen Supporter Relationships and Improve Donor Retention with Nonprofit Database Software

Streamline Donor Data

With all your fundraising, data, and communications under one roof, you'll save time and boost staff efficiency. Through automation and quick data entry tools, you'll reduce time consuming manual tasks.

Optimize Your Strategy

Optimize your fundraising touches with robust built-in reports and dashboard analytics at your fingertips. Spend more time cultivating donor relationships and less time finding data and producing reports.

Personalize Your Outreach

Build lifelong supporter relationships by pairing historical constituent profile data with precisely relevant messaging that inspires action across all online and offline communication channels.

Salsa CRM

Donor Database Software Features

Rich Donor Profiles

  • Track contact data, relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, and more!
  • Control access with role-based restrictions and security to protect your nonprofit's data.
  • Deduplication features help you to keep your data clean.
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Donation Tracking

  • Keep track of unique data with custom fields.
  • Fundraise smarter with relationships and householding features.
  • Write detailed notes to maximize your donor database.
  • Track donation history.
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Direct Mail Fundraising

  • Create professional letters with a built-in word processor.
  • Use powerful mail merge tools.
  • Capitalize on best of breed label printing.
  • Use bar code scanning for large scale direct mail solicitations.
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NEW! Donor Database and Fundraising Performance Dashboard

  • Customize dashboards for real-time visualization.
  • Measure key metrics to track your fundraising goals.
  • Get actionable information that helps you actually focus on retaining donors!
  • Save and schedule reports to be delivered on a recurring basis.
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Member Management

Member Management

Streamline the membership experience, drive non-dues revenue, increase new membership renewals with triggered reminders, and target specific member groups for events.

Donor Cultivation

Donor Cultivation

Customize Moves Management workflows to track major gift prospecting. Track touches in each stage, set priorities, assign ownerships, and set task reminders.

Grant Management

Flexible, customizable workflows ensure your team can share documents, collaborate easily, and hit every deadline in the grant writing and application process.

Double the Donation Integration

Double the Donation Integration

Double the Donation integration allows nonprofit organizations using Salsa to plug-in the Double the Donation and 360MatchPro matching gifts tools on any donation page.

WealthEngine Integration

WealthEngine Integration

WealthEngine uses data science to give you meaningful, accurate information you can immediately act on. Their system sources prospect data that integrates into Salsa CRM.

DonorSearch Integration

DonorSearch Integration

Using information from 25 databases, DonorSearch uses proprietary algorithms to help nonprofits find the best philanthropic prospects inside your Salsa CRM database.


What is donor database software?

Donor database software helps nonprofit development and fundraising teams track and report on their supporters activity, giving history, and interactions with their organization. Learn the 20 ways to maximize fundraising with donor database software >


How are donor database software and CRM software different?

Often used interchangeably, donor database software and CRM software perform similar functions. Typically, CRM references a database of all constituents, not just donor records. In our case, Salsa CRM is Salsa's donor management platform.


How do I choose the best donor database system?

Along with taking software demonstrations and talking to existing customers, we'd recommend reviewing independent guides such as the NTEN and Idealware Guide to Donor Database Systems >


How is Salsa's fundraising and donor database software different?

Salsa brings online and offline fundraising and donor database tools together on one unified platform that was purpose-built for nonprofit teams. With extensive direct mail and online tools, your nonprofit can reach out to donors through their most preferred method of communication. Learn more about why Salsa is different >


How can nonprofits maximize their donor database software?

Traditional data, such as demographics and donation history, should be coupled with detailed notes and relationship mapping. Knowing who your donors are is key to asking for targeted donations. With comprehensive database software (like Salsa!) it's easy to flesh out every donor profile. Learn more about strategies to reach donors >


How can nonprofits keep their donor data clean?

Donor databases for nonprofits should come complete with deduplication tools to prevent extraneous data. Easy, practical software should streamline the data cleaning process, whether you're removing lapsed donors or standardizing custom fields. Learn more about key data >


Who should have access to our donor database software?

It's important to maintain the security of your donor data. Restrict access to your nonprofit database with role-based permissions, so that only key team members can interact with your most important resource. Learn more about defining team member roles >


Can I just buy Salsa CRM without Engage?

No. Salsa Engage is included with every Salsa CRM package so that your online and offline fundraising data can be in one place and your processes can be streamlined with just one vendor.


What does Salsa's donor database cost?

Pricing for Salsa's donor database tools depends on the size of your contact database. You can request a custom pricing quote here >

Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM


Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM

  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Fundraising
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Online Event Registration
  • Rich Donor Profiles
  • Donation Tracking
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Performance Dashboard

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Purpose Built Marketing Automation, Fundraising and Advocacy Software for Fundraising and Advocacy Nonprofits.

  • Bidirectional Data Integration
  • Frequent data synchronization
  • User-friendly configuration and setup
  • Works with all Salesforce’s standard versions and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • No middleware or third-party platforms
  • Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities
  • Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

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"It's a great tool - easy to use and you have access to build just about any query imaginable. The best part about Salsa CRM, though, are the people. Their customer service is great! Whenever I've had an issue or a question they've provided personal attention within minutes." Donor Management Software Review
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The Donor Database Software Buyer's Guide

When your community is powered by smart donor database software, your team can maintain strong donor relationships and streamline your communications strategy.

Whether you’re consolidating donor data, improving your engagement strategy, or personalizing the way you connect with supporters, you’ll need a donor database that’s built for growth.

Considerations for Purchasing Donor Database Software Steps to Buying a Donor Database

Considerations for Purchasing Donor Database Software

What size donor database do we need?

Not only does your team need a donor database that can serve your community today, but you’ll also need to keep in mind future growth and changes at your nonprofit.

How many users need access to the database?

Many individuals may need to use your donor management software, from your marketing team to your major gift officer. Be sure your database is accessible to key staff!

What kind of customer support will we need?

Your team can never be sure when issues will arise, so it’s always best to have around-the-clock customer support available to help out as needed.

How will staff be trained in the new donor database?

Ensure staff members understand the ins and outs of your new donor database so you can maximize your ROI. See if your database provider offers training courses!

What kind of integrations will we need?

You’ll want your donor database to fully integrate with all of your fundraising, engagement, and marketing software so you never miss important data insights.

What is our budget for the donor management software?

Donor management software can be an investment for your nonprofit, but it’s certainly one that will pay off in the end. Choose a solution that’s affordable and comprehensive.

5 Steps to Buying a Donor Database

For many organizations, finding the right donor database can be a challenge. Whether you’re unsure of which donor management solution is right for your team or need help completing the software transition, check out these easy-to-follow steps for buying a donor database.

1. Identify a donor database vendor

Before purchasing your donor management solution, you’ll need to find a vendor that’s up to the task of meeting your team’s needs. Be sure your new donor database offers customizable donor profiles, donation tracking technology, performance analytics, and other essential tools.

2. Schedule a phone call and demo

When you’ve found a donor database that you think is perfect, call the vendor and schedule a demonstration of their software. At this stage, you’ll want to ask tough questions about how well their donor management system can perform and weed out software that isn’t up to the task.

3. Review your data with the vendor

Next, you’ll need to work with the vendor to review your current data management system. During this review, the vendor will show you how their donor database can improve your operations and outline their recommendations for how to implement the software.

4. Sign a contract

If the donor database seems like a perfect fit and the vendor has impressed your team, it’s time to sign your contract! In this agreement, the donor database vendor will commit to helping your team reach important objectives so you never have to worry about results.

5. Get started with your new donor database

Now that you’ve signed on to your new donor management software, you’re ready to start putting it into practice! During the implementation stage, your vendor will work with your staff to integrate and streamline your data, as well as train them in maximizing the database’s potential.

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