Email Marketing

Target with Relevant Messages

Responsive Email Marketing

Capture the attention of your supporters, donors, and volunteers and inspire them to take action through engaging and compelling email blasts. Create email messages with virtually unlimited design options. Produce custom email templates or layouts built with our template generator that look just the way you want them to.

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Best Practice Templates

Create compelling email messages with virtually unlimited design options using our drag and drop functionality, easy to use editors, and styling tools.

Over half of your supporters will be reading your messages on a mobile device, and Salsa ensures that your supporter can receive messages and immediately take action on any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Targeted mobile-ready messages and actions mean higher engagement and more influence.


Drag and Drop Template Builder

Highly Targeted Outreach

Email still leads as the highest ROI marketing activity, but only when your messages matter to recipients.

Target your email marketing to segmented lists and programatically personalize messages with standard or custom fields from your constituent profile. Targeted emails to smaller lists will boost your open, click rate, and conversion rate.

Custom Fields

Automated Email Series

Marketing automation saves you time and multiplies your ability to communicate with your contacts in a timely manner. Schedule emails in advance, set up drip campaigns that send messages automatically, or create triggered workflows to welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your cause.

According to Experian, standard promotional emails have a 0.06 percent response rate while “Thanks for joining us” emails that kick off a welcome series have a 0.95 percent response rate. 

Welcome Series

High Deliverability

Deliver your emails to inboxes, not junk folders. Salsa clients enjoy over 99% email deliverability because of our trusted sending domain reputation. Whether you’re sending to an existing list, uploading and contacting an external list, or acknowledging an individual gift, you’ll have confidence they will be delivered.

High Deliverability

A/B Testing

Stop hoping and start testing. A/B or split test email subject lines and content to different lists. Drive higher ROI as you refine your email marketing campaigns.

AB Testing Emails

Email Analytics at Your Fingertips

Track the performance of your email marketing efforts with a thorough uderstanding of delivery rates, open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribers. Use this intelligence to constantly refine future communications.

Email Engagement Analytics
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