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To conserve, protect, and steward more land, you rely on loyal members, engaging events, and growing programs. Salsa can help you unify your processes, maximize staff productivity, grow your memberships and conserve more land.

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To change legislative policy on environmental issues you're passionate about, you rely on an educated, passionate supporter base. Salsa helps you organize and makes it easy for your advocates to sign petitions and target policymakers with messages.

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To promote sustainability and inspire new conservationists, funding for outdoor learning, research, and educational programs is critical. Salsa will help you establish lasting relationships with kids, students, and adults as you connect them with nature. 

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About 80% of my day is spent inside of Salsa and what's great about Salsa is that it's easy to use and easy to teach others how to use. We track all of our historical data for the last ten years in the system, and use it for online fundraising, online advocacy, and emailing our 1.7 million subscribers."

Cailey D., Environmental Working Group



20 Step Land Trust Guide to Project Focused Fundraising

Quick guide will give you some unique ideas for raising money for new land conservation projects.

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Blog Post

Top 10 Metrics Your Land Conservation Org Should Track

Article will highlight the top key performance indicators that management needs to track.

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Tired of Gridlock in Congress, Go Local!

If federal policymakers aren't acting on your issues, focus on local communities to regain momentum. 

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10 Ways to Get Your Supporters to Take the Next Step

This free tool will help you strategize new ways to move supporters beyond sign up and deepening engagement.

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