eoy-strategy-guide-bp"On average, 24% of all December nonprofit revenue came in on December 31, 2018." (M+R Benchmarks 2018 Review)

This may be true, but it's all about building up to this final day in the year, and we're here to help you optimize your EOY strategy!

We bring you Salsa's first-ever comprehensive EOY Strategy Guide! Here, we explore key data points from 2018 to help you plan for fundraising success in your 2019 EOY initiatives. We'll explore how to optimize email and social outreach, how to coordinate Giving Tuesday with your EOY campaign, provide guidance on the timing of your emails and social posts, review data hygiene and segmented list creation, and much more!

This guide will include:

  • A look back and lessons learned from EOY 2018
  • Facebook's tools and how they can be applied for EOY success 
  • EOY social media and email campaign content and scheduling tips
  • Our favorite social engagement posts from EOY 2018
  • Data management and hygiene best practice
  • Data segmentation, EOY queries and list creation tips (requires Salsa CRM/Salsa Engage)


Download Here:

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