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Save Time and Boost Fundraising Event Sign Ups

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With Salsa, it's easy to configure customized event types, build online registration forms to boost sign ups, and then communicate with registrants via automated email series. If you're managing a peer to peer fundraising event, Salsa has built-in coaching tools to help individuals/team fundraisers be successful in raising money on your behalf from their networks.

Configure Custom Registration Types

Registration levels can be set at different prices, and can be made available in certain timeframes.  This provides the ability to create “early bird” discounted registrations that automatically come down based on dates specified by the organization.

Optional purchases can be configured for all registration levels or only for selected one, allowing for flexibility in providing unique registration packages.


Easy to Build Event Pages and Forms

Event registration pages are at the center of any event or event-based peer to peer campaign.

Drag and drop form builder lets you customize the layout and look and feel of the page.

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Coaching Fundraisers

Peer-to-Peer events are only as successful as the individual fundraisers are. With that in mind, Salsa has made it easy to “coach” your fundraisers at every step of the way.

Built into the administration are coaching emails that can be targeted to specific subsets of your fundraisers. This lets you identify star performers to cheer them on, and also those who maybe need a little help getting started. Coaching is one of the key ways to rapidly grow your Peer-to-Peer results.


Over 3,000 nonprofits across the globe use Salsa to engage and change the world. Join them today!

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Increase in Donor Growth
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