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50 Things About Salsa Part 7

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

Ready for more Salsa nuggets of wisdom? We’re covering donations next, or you can start from the beginning.


36. Salsa captures merchant gateway processors' transaction result messages

On every attempted donation that Salsa sends to a merchant processor, we receive a verdict back from that processor indicating that the donation was approved or rejected. The RESPMSG field on your donation table captures the reason for the failure. If it's been rejected by the gateway processor itself, that message will be prefixed by the phrase "Processor Message". For instance: Processor Message:Invalid account number.

Such messages are processor-specific -- they're not generated by Salsa -- so if the text in RESPMSG is ambiguous, a web search for your gateway's documentation or user manuals should turn up an index of potential rejection messages and how to interpret them.

37. Salsa can collect Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) donations ...

... provided Payflow Pro is your merchant gateway processor. No other gateway integrations currently support EFT. If interested in this "echeck" option, contact Salsa Support to request installation of the requisite setup package. 

38. Customize your donation page gift string Custom Donation HTML

A basic Salsa page publishes suggested gift amounts such as $10$25$50. They're configured by the Comma Delimited Amounts field under your donation page's Amounts tab.

The Custom Donation HTML field in your donation page's Optional Text tab overrides the Comma Delimited Amounts and gives you full HTML control of your gift selections. Now your gifts can be spaced out just as you choose, and supported with graphics or descriptions, such as "$10 helps one student for a month, $25 helps a family of four."  

With great power comes great responsibility! You'll need to wade into the HTML and build the gift code yourself. Try pasting in this to get started:

<p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="10" id="amount10" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$10 helps one student</span></p> <p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="25" id="amount25" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$25 helps a family of five</span></p> <p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="50" id="amount50" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$50 helps an entire community</span></p>

39. Add fund designation codes to your donation pages

Sticking in a donation page's Optional Text tab, you'll find several fields that drop text into various spots on a donation page.

While you can use these text fields very directly to add explanatory help text or other supporting elements to the page, these fields also accept HTML. With a bit of coding you can take advantage of them to drop in functional form fields that wouldn't otherwise appear on a basic donation page.

One popular approach is to provide the donor with a menu to designate which project or fund their gift should support. You'll want to encode a picklist field that writes to the donation table's Designation_Code field. This little guide shows you how.

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