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The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide

What do you get when you put together 30 experts in online organizing for nonprofits to share their experiences and help you map a strategy of your own? The answer is The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide, complied by Green Memes and sponsored, in part, by Salsa (that’s us!).

The guide, which is free for you to download, covers everything from how to use storytelling to share your message to Twitter and Facebook basics to creating memes the easy way. For more advance organizers, it also explores how to take and use photos, how to craft your overall strategy and a few helpful case studies to give examples.

Knowing that no one guide is the answer to everything, The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide also includes a list of other valuable resources to help you make a plan, decide your tactics and generally benefit from other nonprofits’ experiences.

Whether you skim a few chapters for helpful tips or read it cover to cover, it’s worth a quick download to check it out.  

Topics: Supporter Management Marketing