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Become a Citizen Journalist How to use Social Media to Access Traditional Media

As social media outlets are becoming increasingly more abundant and popular, traditional newsrooms are beginning to lose traction. While this is a bad thing for journalists, activists and organizers can use that to their advantage. As a nonprofit, you know how hard it is to gain access to mainstream media. Your press releases usually end up in the ‘circular fire’ of the Internet instead of on air or in print. But now, you can use social media to access traditional media.

Kristin Szremski

So how can you use social media to gain more traditional media coverage?

Join Kristin Szremski, award-winning journalist and Director of Media and Communications for the American Muslims for Palestine, to learn how to write for the news, best practices for using photography/videos, and how to create accounts with mainstream outlets to upload your stories, videos, and pictures.

Kristin will be speaking at FUSE 2014 - the digital marketing conference, on August 6-7 in Northern Virginia. Register today and don’t miss out on this exciting and informational session.

Kristin’s session is just one of the great educational breakouts you can expect this year. View them all here.

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