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Client Spotlight: Endangered Species Coalition

Every day, we’ve got more than 3,000 clients changing the world in their own way. Just how awesome are they? Here’s a glimpse at one nonprofit’s work and how Salsa has helped them ignite action and fuel change. In the first edition of our monthly client spotlight, we meet the folks of the Endangered Species Coalition!  

1. What does your organization do? 

The Endangered Species Coalition works through grassroots organizing to protect the Endangered Species Act and imperiled wildlife and wild places. It is a national network of hundreds of conservation, scientific, education, religious, sporting, outdoor recreation, business and community organizations working together for a common goal. 


Endangered Species Coalition


2. How long have you been a Salsa client?

We've been a Salsa client for 6 years!

3. What were some of your biggest challenges before you started using Salsa and how have our tools helped your organization overcome them?

Before Salsa, we lacked advocacy tools and only had limited ability to track supporters’ engagement. But the advocacy tools built into Salsa have really been a major part of our online successes. The tools have made it easy to build and measure; making them effective uses of our limited resources. 

Despite being a small organization (12 staff), we are now able to send frequent action alerts to our supporters and are able to both track the engagement of current supporters while also bringing in new activists.

4. Tell me about your most successful campaign. Why was it so successful? 

Our annual Endangered Species Day is always a great success. It’s the third Friday in May and this will be the 10th anniversary. It’s successful because people love endangered species and are eager to work to protect them.

5. If your nonprofit was a book/movie, what would its title be? 

That’s tough. Kung Fu Panda? Because they’re endangered and especially cute…


Kung Fu Panda


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