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Email Cultivation: Keep New Supporters on Your List in 2015

Congratulations! You survived your end-of-year fundraising campaign. Hopefully, your #GivingTuesday and year-end efforts resulted in not only a whole bunch of $$ raised but a ton of new supporters, too. And I’m sure you already knew to send a thank you email immediately after the donation (right?!). But now what do you do with all those new donors who gave to your organization but aren’t yet active supporters?

Triggered emails are a good place to start. Also known as “drip” or “nurture” programs, you can set specific parameters to automatically send emails after a specific action or period of time. In the case of your new supporters from year-end, you’re best bet is likely to create a welcome series using triggered emails

What does that mean? Think of this as a series of get-to-know you emails. Here’s a rough sketch of what your series might look like:

1)    Message: Welcome supporters! This is who we are and what we care about. Call to action: Watch this video and/or connect with us on social media. Goal: Make supporters feel welcome and extend a simple invitation for them to engage more with your community.

2)    Message: This is the important work we’re doing, but we can’t do it without your support. Call to action: Donate now to support our cause. Goal: Supporters are more likely to give when they are new to your list, so don’t be afraid to ask for a gift early.

3)    Message: Here’s something critical we’re working on. Call to action: Sign this petition/take action now! Goal: Up the ante. Get supporters to take that next step – whatever it is – to engage more deeply into your work and make an impact.

You get the picture. Each email should have a call to action, but you can decide whether it’s something as simple as opt-ing in to your e-newsletter or something more involved.

Now is also the time to set up any tagging or scoring features, if you haven’t already. With all these new supporters, you’ll want to be able to segment and target them as much as possible moving forward.


Topics: Fundraising Marketing