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February Training & Learning Update

It’s a great month if you’re just starting to learn Salsa. Our February webinars all focus on introductions to the Salsa tools so you can jump in and start learning! Wondering if you missed something last month? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out discussions from January and the full February training and learning update here.

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Salsa 101: An Introduction to Salsa - 2/13 3pm ET

Brand new to Salsa and never seen it in action? Or maybe you’re considering signing up with Salsa? This is a great way to see Salsa in action. Join us as we take a whirlwind tour and set up a full campaign in Salsa. Get a feel for the workflows and learn some lessons along the way. We will cover:

  • Adding and viewing supporters
  • Creating groups
  • The setup process for a sign up page, a donation page or an advocacy page
  • How to set up an email blast

Email Blasts 101 - 2/20 3pm ET

The backbone of online organizing is communication - and email is still king of communication. Join us to learn:

  • How to compose an email blast
  • Configuration of sending options
  • Targeting
  • Testing
  • Other pro-tips

Groups: A world of possibilities - 2/27 12pm ET

Groups are a way of tracking subsets of your supporters who meet certain criteria that set them apart from the rest of the list. These groups can be used as search criteria for queries and for targeting email messages. Are you taking full advantage of what groups can do? Join us to learn:

  • Basic group setup
  • Group management
  • Entry points for groups
  • Automation with groups

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Topics: Supporter Management Salsa Marketing