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Fundraising Tracker Online

We’ve got a tool in our toolbox that online fundraisers should really keep their eye on. By now you are probably familiar with many features from the Salsa Platform you can use to enhance your organization's online fundraising. But what are you doing to track and demonstrate progress toward those fundraising goals?

Our partner PowerThru has built a “thermometer" called the Goal-O-Meter that lets you more easily share your fundraising progress with all your supporters. With the Goal-O-Meter package, you can display a "goal thermometer” on any donation page, advocacy page, or a tell-a-friend page. The thermometer includes both the total goal and current amount raised all in one simple, clean graphical display. You can install it to show horizontally or vertically, as seen below, and can choose between two sizes, small and large.

fundraising trackerfundraising tracker

Not only does the Goal-O-Meter give you a visual representation of your fundraising efforts, but it can also help to improve supporter engagement. A thermometer is a quick and easy way to show donors that they’re making an impact. When a goal is met, supporters feel a part of something bigger; like their contribution truly mattered. And even a thermometer that shows you’re falling short of reaching an important goal, may motivate some donors to dig a little deeper for the causes they care about. 

Click here to read more about it and see some examples of the Goal-O-Meter in action.

Salsa Online Fundraising Demo 

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