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How to Get Supporters To Take Action

Once upon a time, marketers and advertisers had a very easy decision when it came to reaching out to their audience- the morning paper, or a 30-second television spot on one of three major networks. In today’s digital age, reaching people en masse has become virtually impossible. In an average day, we are all bombarded with messages and advertising from the moment we wake up and check the weather on our phone (see those banner ads at the top?) to the product placement of beverages in our favorite lunch spot to the ad on the side of the bus we pass on the way home from the office.

Online it’s even worse. If you’re anything like me, you get hundreds of emails delivered to your inbox each day, dozens of posts on your Facebook feed and countless tweets. And most of it gets ignored.

Well, your supporters are like that too. In a world where they are inundated with messages about this nonprofit or that cause, it’s hard to stand out. And even if you do stand out, you still might not be making enough of an impact to garner more action than a “like” on Facebook or an online petition signature. So how do you get supporters motivated to get offline and get involved?

The short answer is to provide highly targeted, individualized communications about what your nonprofit is doing and what actions you need them to take. Moving supporters along the ladder of engagement doesn’t have to be easy but it does take some careful data-gathering and even more intentional and specific segmentation to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

This new white paper, Why Are You Slackin’? Get Past the “Like” Already, explores what it takes to turn online supporters into offline activists and the steps that nonprofits need to take to stay relevant in this ever-booming digital age.

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