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How to Make it Easier for Donors to Give

Your supporters are ready and willing to donate to your mission or cause. But it is your organization’s job to make it as easy as possible for them to do this. To build a base of supporters who will continue to give, the formula is simple:

  • Reach them with the right message - where they are today.
  • Provide the simplest donation process possible - no matter the device.

Sounds easy, right?  At the recent Salsa Fuse conference, attendees looked to oneID’s Gareth O’Loughlin for best online giving practices -- emphasizing what to do with your online form and how critical mobile optimization is for today’s (and tomorrow’s) donor. Beyond those recommendations, Gareth shared QuickDonate from oneID, now available for Salsa customers, which provides a streamlined, three-step donation flow and one-click giving from all devices. 

QuickDonate implementation is fast and easy, syncing data with your Salsa account. You can see it live from a few Salsa organizations already, including feminist.org and msmagazine.com.  

Learn more or sign up for a demo today

Topics: Fundraising