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Kicking off New Training Series for Salsa Newbies

You probably already know this about us, but here it is again: At Salsa, we're committed to not just providing you with the technology, but also the skills you’ll need to get the job done. 

Learn relevant Salsa features and get an opportunity to ask Salsa staff experts all your burning questions. But wait, there’s more! We’ll now be offering these trainings on an ongoing basis - that’s right! No more wondering, waiting, despairing over when the next New User Training will be here. When one training passes, rest assured, the next one is not far behind.

Just think of these trainings as a little Welcome Aboard gift from the folks at Salsa to you, our newest Salsa-lings...or something like that.

Here is a run-down of all the cool things you’ll be able to do after you complete part one of our training: 

  • Log into your Salsa account
  • Effectively navigate through the Salsa HQ
  • Create a new supporter
  • Create a new group of supporters
  • Create a sign-up page
  • Evaluate a sign-up page
  • Create an email blast
  • Evaluate an email blast
  • Create a support ticket & access Salsa Commons

Register for the upcoming Part 1 training on July 9.

And don’t forget about all the amazing things you’ll be able to do after completing Part 2:

  • Create a donation page
  • Evaluate a donation page
  • Manage donations
  • Define the four types of actions that can be taken in Salsa
  • Create a targeted action
  • Evaluate the performance of a targeted action
  • Create a support ticket & access Salsa Commons

Register for the upcoming Part 2 training on July 16. 

We hope you’ll register for the date and time that works for you and let us officially welcome you as a new Salsa user!

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