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Layout Advice: Planning Your Fundraising Emails

by Kristen DeMint, Author, The Essential Guide to End-of-Year Fundraising for Nonprofits of All Sizes

People generally skim e-mail asks, so use your introduction, headlines, and captions to tell compelling stories and include descriptive images and even links to videos to break up the copy.

Now is the time to really woo your prospective donors, playing on their soft-hearted sensibilities. Tell them why they should pick you. Identify five things you’ve done and how they helped make it happen.

Other important guidelines include the following:

  • The ask should be in the second or third paragraph and repeated at the end.
  • Don’t let readers get sidetracked! Include only the URL to donate — do not include any URLs for “more info” and so forth.
  • Link the donation URL directly to your donation page (not the holiday landing page if you have one).

TIP: Make the Donate button obvious, not only in your e-mail but also on your website and everywhere you include it.

Now, take a deep breath and download the free e-book, The Essential Guide to End-of-Year Fundraising. No matter how big or small your nonprofit, this easy-to-read book is packed with tips and advice for creating your year-end online fundraising plan, utilizing many low cost online tactics.


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