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Love the Ones Youre With: 3 Tips on Scoring and Welcoming

Can you easily identify your biggest supporters?

When it comes to making the most of your list, focus more on those who are already “with” you. The Association of Fundraising Professionals found that “it costs less to retain and motivate an existing donor than it does to attract a new one,” so learning how to communicate with and listen to these groups most effectively will yield the best results for your fundraising. 

Here are three tips to improve your communications right now:

1) Improve the quality of your messages 

Use your content and your data to speak to not just who your supporters are, but how they have interacted with you in the past. Check out this report on improving email performance from Janrain for more inspiration.

Look for more opportunities to collect data through surveys or petitions, and if you have especially enthusiastic supporters, try hosting an event or using other friendraising opportunities to connect with them on a more personal level. Not sure about an in-person event? A tweetchat around an issue or cause might work well for you!

Remember, too, that the effectiveness of your messaging depends a lot on whether your messages are getting through to your supporters’ inboxes in the first place, so keep your supporter list clean and improve your deliverability.

2) Quantify the value of your supporters

Segment your supporters into distinct messaging groups and make sure that you use what you know about their activity when you follow up with them in the future.

Tools like Salsa’s Scoring make it possible for you to score a supporter record with a higher value if, for example, they’ve donated recently or have taken more than three actions, but even without Scoring, you should be able to identify who’s participated in your online petitions or submitted a donation.

Check out some great examples and tips on scoring from PowerThru.

3) Make a better first impression

Think about ways that you could welcome new supporters to your list through a nurture program, automated emails that are sent to a segment of your supporters over a set period of time. 

Introduce yourself and your organization, share more about what you do, and invite more interaction through a survey, petition, or fundraising appeal.


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