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Salsa and Salesforce Get In Sync...Salsa Sync!

Salsa Sync for Salesforce

By popular request, Salsa has developed a Salsa Sync for Salesforce app, and we’re ready - and so excited! - to share it with you.

This new integration of Salsa’s All-in-One Online Engagement platform and Salesforce’s CRM means that the opportunities are truly endless for nonprofit organizations looking for new, effective ways to target, engage, and ignite action in their communities.

Salsa partnered with KELL Partners, a registered Salesforce consulting partner, for the design of the Salsa Sync for Salesforce app. Here, Tompkins Spann, KELL Partners’ VP of Business Development, gives us 7-minute demonstration of the sync in action:

With our new two-way sync, you can now manually and automatically transfer important information about your supporters between systems seamlessly. In a snap: 

  • Salesforce Contacts become Salsa Supporters; 
  • Salesforce Campaigns transform into Salsa Groups and Actions;
  • Salesforce Opportunities turn into Salsa Donations; 
  • And vice versa!

You pick and choose exactly which record types you need to see in Salsa, configure any custom field mapping for those objects, and then click! Start the sync and unlock a level of segmentation for your engagement that you’ve never had before. 

Organize and analyze your data in Salesforce, then use the records and the information that you glean from your analysis for better targeting and continued online engagement through Salsa. From deeper insights and analytics to more customized fundraising campaigns, this simple integration could be a game changer for you and your supporters. 

Itching to check this out right now? Read more and sign up here, and we’ll send you the materials you need to download the app and get started. (Really important side note: You probably want to back up your Salesforce data and test this application through a Salesforce sandbox account first - the sync really syncs, and you don’t want any accidents to happen with your data!)

Not a Salesforce user yet? No worries! Check out this great report from Idealware to get a better idea of the many things that you can consider before using this powerful CRM. 

Not a Salsa user yet? Learn more and sign up for the Salsa Sync for Salesforce application, and we’ll reach out to you with more information on how you can get started with Salsa, too.

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