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Social Loves Email Webinar Recording

If you missed our recent webinar, Social Loves Email, don't worry! You can watch the recording and still benefit from all the great tips. You’ll learn that as an organization, you can get pretty far with something as simple as an email address. It’s true. It is the starting point for building and growing your online donor list. You’ll also learn that if you have a multi-channel (direct marketing, social media and integrated email) marketing strategy – meaning online and offline – that donors are four times more valuable than a single channel donor. And, a multi-channel donor starts with online recruitment.

Simply put – that’s an email address. Watch the webinar to learn more.  

The presenters include:

  • Roz Lemieux, CEO at Attentive.ly and partner at Fission Strategies;
  • Justin Perkins, Director of Nonprofit Services & Business Development at Care2;
  • And Blake Groves, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for Salsa Lab

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