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Salsa Blog

We Salsa and we love it. Why do you Salsa?

At Salsa, our mission is to help organizations like yours ignite action and fuel change. But Salsa is much more than just a name, it’s about the heart and energy we put into all we do.

You see, we Salsa for a lot of reasons:#WhyISalsaWednesday

  • We ‘Salsa' for animals
  • We ‘Salsa’ for the environment
  • We ‘Salsa’ for social justice, and much, much more...

But most importantly: we ‘Salsa’ because we love it!

So, now we’ve got one very important question for you: Why do YOU ‘Salsa’? 

After all, you’re the ones on the front lines working to create necessary change in the world. And we couldn’t do what we do without you. (BTW: Have we said thanks? Well, we can’t repeat it enough: thank you!)

We created this hashtag (#) - #WhyISalsaWednesday - so we can share with you all the reasons why we Salsa...and hopefully you’ll reach out to us and do the same! Tell us how and why you’re igniting action and fueling change everyday. We’d love to hear all about it.

Join us every Wednesday on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for #WhyISalsaWednesday.

And be on the lookout for some fun #WhyISalsaWednesday contests coming your way…