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Why Great Content Matters and How to Extend the Shelf Life of Yours

by Jessica Seward, Marketing Manager, Salsa Labs

Have you explored content marketing in your outreach efforts? Whether your goal is gaining new supporters, fundraising, or advocacy, content marketing should definitely be part of your toolkit. After all, every organization has things to share, say, and offer to their constituents and supporters across all forms of media including news, video, eBooks, infographics, memes, photos, and so on.

But why is content marketing so important?

Well, there are several reasons. First, content marketing drives organic growth, it draws people to your nonprofit, and compliments non-organic or mechanical tactics such as advertising and purchasing lists. If you think about it, you can use content to draw people in (long before they are asked or ready to sign a petition) whether thorugh a video embedded on your website or a news article you share on Facebook. As they start to connect with your content, you’ll slowly move them along the ladder of engagement.

Content is also an excellent way to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Strong, relevant and fresh content can really boost your website’s rankings and gives you the opportunity to become an expert on a variety of subjects that are at the heart of your cause.

Great content can also go viral, perhaps more so than any other form of marketing that you do.

Education is another function server by content marketing. For example, ebooks, blogs, and infographics are essential tools for educating your supporters about your cause, changing minds, deepening buy-in and motivating them to action.

Finally, content marketing provides value, over and above the great lobbying or activism efforts you are already doing. It also costs a lot less than traditional marketing tactics and drives down supporter acquisition costs. Done well and consistently it can take your relationship with your supporter to a whole new level, after all not only are you advocating on behalf of a cause that also matters to them, but you are giving them valuable information.

So how do you produce great content?

Who has the time to write great articles and produce videos? Well, there’s a way around this – reduce, reuse and recycle your content. How? Check out this blog from earlier this year which offers some easy-to-implement tips for doing just this. For a deeper dive and examples of how you can extend the life of a single content marketing piece into a year’s worth of great content, check out this short video: Content Marketing for Nonprofits hosted by Salsa’s very own Christine Schaefer.

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