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You Had Me at Hello

So you've got a bunch of new names on your email list from somewhere...Facebook, a contest, a progressive social action network like Care2. Now what? 

Well, you could start with "hello." Or, actually, anything. Kinda nuts, but sometimes it can take organizations too long to make any sort of proper introduction. Did you know that 37% of nonprofits did not send a single email to new subscribers within their first 30 days of being on the list?

What’s the hold up?!

We can’t say enough wonderful things about having a solid welcome series in place. And many experts agree that having a welcome series can boost donor retention and engagement over the long term.

Sounds pretty good, right? So, maybe you’re just not sure where to start.

Join us on March 26th 2pm EST for the Nonprofit Times webinar “You Had Me at Hello: 7 mostly not crazy ideas to make sure you're making the most of new supporter relationships”.

We’re so pleased to host Madeline Stanionis (M+R) and Justin Perkins (Care2) as they share all kinds of smart, easy, and even automated tactics and techniques to let your newest list members know how glad you are to meet them. 

No matter what you’ve heard – email isn’t dead. That’s why it’s critical you make a strong first impression and grab supporter’s interests from the moment you say “hello”.


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