List Segmentation

Personalize Every Interaction

Target Segments

Salsa helps you grow your supporter lists and segment them so that each interaction is personalized and relevant. Say goodbye to batch and blast communications and adopt a game-changing, targeted approach to engagement. It starts with list segmentation.

Pre-Built Segments

Salsa comes with pre-built best practice segments for new subscribers, major donors, petition signees, and many, many more.

You can configure these pre-built segments to match your needs. For example, set the "major donor" segment threshold to $200, and anytime a donor crosses that mark, the system will automatically add the them to the "major donor" segment.

Pre Built Segments

Custom Segments

You can build segments through simple rules and configurations, or you can create combinations of advanced queries and groups within groups.  The power and flexibility is right at your fingertips.

You can segment your supporters by professional network, demographics, gift size, location, campaign, fund, appeal, giving capacity or any other data point.

Custom Segments

Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis

Recency, frequency, monetary analysis and segmentation can help you slice and dice your donor list so that you're maximizing return on your fundraising investment. Uncover who has donated in the last three months, who has given twice in the last year, or who has contributed over $500. 

Salsa's easy to use query wizard puts you in the driver seat, giving you total control over your lists, and allowing you to group constituents for targeted cultivation.

RFM Analysis

Over 3,000 nonprofits across the globe use Salsa to engage and change the world. Join them today!

Increase in Donor Retention
Increase in Donation Growth
Increase in Donor Growth
Average year-over-year performance of Salsa nonprofit users.

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