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Nonprofit Resources & Online Marketing Best Practices

Salsa delivers the goods (and the information) to help you achieve your mission. From our educational whitepapers to infographics and eBooks, we cover the timely topics to help your organization learn and grow.

Watch: How to Measure Year End Success  Learn how to measure your nonprofit’s year-end success and leverage your  results to help you prepare for 2016. View Now
Watch: End of Year Fundraising Strategies that Work  Learn end of year fundraising strategies with speakers from Polar Bears Intl  and Clean Water Action. View Now
Infographic: Is #GivingTuesday Worth It?  Check out these statistics we pulled from nearly 350 organizations and see for  yourself. View Now
Infographic: Make Your Donation Page More Appealing  Six ways to spruce up your donation page. View Now
Infographic: End-of-year-fundraising Campaign Planning  Proven tactics that work when planning your campaign. View Now
Infographic: Get Found on Facebook  How to name your Facebook page so that it gets found. View Now
Infographic: Why Local Advocacy is Good  Focus on local communities to renew your vision and gain momentum. View Now
Infographic: Top 10 List Growth Strategies  Boost the size of your list with these new tactics: from peer fundraising to  social campaigns to coalition building. Download Now
The Feel-Good Phenomenon of Giving  Giving is a happy habit! Boost your fundraising simply by asking your donors  to support you. Download Now
Infographic: 10 Ways to Master Your Email Subject Lines  Increase your email open rates with an eye-catching subject line. View Now
Watch: Grow Your List and Engage New Supporters  Explore new ways to grow your list with acquisition techniques. View Now
Infographic: Email is Still Vital for Nonprofit Fundraising  Refresh your perspective on fundraising through email with this handy  infographic. Download Now
Infographic: Why Mobile Matters for Nonprofits  Learn more about why you should keep your mobile users in mind, whether you're  emailing them or inviting them to donate. Download Now
How to Lobby the Legal Way  Get the basics on lobbying for your cause. Download Now
The Value of Local and State Advocacy  Improve the impact your organization is making on advocacy outcomes by  prioritizing state and local strategies. Download Now
The Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support  Establish a strong base of online support and learn how to keep people engaged  with your cause. Download Now
The Essential Guide to Online Advocacy  Integrate your advocacy efforts with your online communications and inspire  more supporters to get involved. Download Now
The Essential Guide to End-of-Year Fundraising  Plan ahead for a successful end-of-year campaign and increased fundraising  with this guide. Download Now
Strategies for Emailing in a Spammy World  Write better content and improve your email deliverability by learning the  basics about spam. Download Now
Infographic: How do you collect emails?  Use this chart to determine if you should *really* send an email to your list. Download Now
Watch: Forget Congress, Think Local  Focus on state and local legislators to boost your organization's impact on  advocacy outcomes. Download Now
Infographic: End-of-Year Fundraising  Plan to meet (or exceed) your end-of-year fundraising goals with these tips. Download Now
Watch: Designing Landing Pages for List Growth  Increase the number of supporters you attract to your actions and fundraising  forms. Download Now
Watch: Creating Content to Grow Support  Create shareable, compelling content that keeps supporters coming back to your  website. Download Now
Watch: Essentials of an Email Campaign  Learn how to increase your open and click rates with a well-designed email. Download Now
Watch: How to Create a Video Campaign  Discover new ways to grow your list and increase response rates with videos  that promote a cause and drive action. Download Now
Watch: End-of-Year Campaigns That Work  Use these tips to plan your end-of-year campaign starting NOW. Download Now
Watch: Plan to Grow Your List  Create multi-purpose content to effectively grow your list across many  channels. Download Now
Watch: Email Isn't Dead  Email isn't as trendy as social media, but it's still valuable. Learn new ways  to think about email as an engagement tool. Download Now
Watch: The Next Step for Your Supporters  Plan two steps ahead and think about how you want to interact with and fully  engage your supporters. Download Now
Watch: Make Your Campaign Mobile Friendly  Help your supporters take action no matter which screen they're using through  mobile-friendly forms. Download Now
Watch: List Growth Through Advocacy  Reach new audiences and build support for your cause by continuously engaging  your supporters. Download Now
Watch: A Clean List is a Happy List  Keep your list clean with these tips and tool recommendations. Download Now
Watch: Intro to Growing Your List  Grow your email list with these smart tips. Download Now
Watch: Get More Out of Your Email List  Focus on the supporters who are with you now and see how increasing engagement  is all about reaching the right people. Download Now
How to Set Up Scoring in Salsa  Use Salsa's scoring feature to identify and communicate effectively with your  most active supporters and donors. Download Now
Make the Most of New Supporter Relationships  Make a better first impression and think about how you're engaging your  supporters from their very first click. Download Now
Why Nonprofits Need CRMs and How to Use One  Advance your mission by using a CRM to organize and improve your interactions  with your supporters. Download Now
Why You Should Still Love Email  Email isn't as trendy as social media, but it's still valuable. Learn new ways  to think about email as an engagement tool. Download Now
Engage Your Supporters with Scoring  Identify your super supporters and most likely donors by applying scores to  their past activities. Download Now