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Grow your supporter list with nonprofit marketing software

Target and segment supporters

Build detailed profiles and group supporters into custom segments based on demographics, giving history, engagement data, or other shared characteristics.

Form lasting connections for your organization

Personalize your communications with current and potential supporters, and reach out to them with relevant emails, social media posts, and mobile content.

Convert donors, volunteers, and advocates

Make it easy to engage with your nonprofit by incorporating calls to action asking supporters to donate, sign up to volunteer, or participate in advocacy activities.

Salsa Engage

Nonprofit marketing software features

Email marketing tools

  • Leverage mobile-ready layouts so supporters can access your messages from anywhere.
  • Design custom templates for your nonprofit with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Automate email series to welcome new supporters and send follow-up messages.
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Social media publishing

  • Schedule and post content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Make posts shareable so supporters can let their followers know they took action.
  • Capture new supporters’ attention by using the Facebook Ads integration.
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Mobile sign-up form builder

  • Capture new subscribers through mobile-ready forms.
  • Design and customize the form for your nonprofit’s needs.
  • Embed forms on your website quickly and easily.
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Supporter segmentation

  • Use pre-built segments for new subscribers, major donors, and petition signers, which your nonprofit can reconfigure as needed.
  • Build custom segments based on supporters’ demographic information, giving history, and past engagement with your organization.
  • Leverage your supporter segments to send targeted marketing communications.
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These analytics dashboards track data in nonprofit marketing software.

Analytics dashboard

Track outreach and engagement data with visual dashboards that provide real-time feedback on email campaigns, social media posts, and sign-up forms.

Syndicated content

Build unified fundraising forms and email templates to share with local chapters of your nonprofit or affiliate organizations in your network.

Leverage A/B testing as pictured before sending emails through nonprofit marketing software.

A/B testing

Optimize email performance by gauging a small audience’s reactions to two versions of a subject line or copy, then send out the winning version automatically.

Nonprofit marketing software provides opportunities for automation as pictured.

Marketing automations

Dynamic segmentation and automated email workflows save you time and enhance your ability to communicate consistently.

The screenshot demonstrates how nonprofit marketing software can aid in digital fundraising.

Digital fundraising

Leverage email and social media to convert donors, share volunteer and event registration forms, and automatically thank supporters for their contributions.

Nonprofit marketing software can support your organization’s advocacy efforts as the screenshot shows.

Advocacy tools

Create lasting change in your community with email action alerts and social advocacy tools to mobilize supporters for your cause.


What is nonprofit marketing software?

Nonprofit marketing software includes marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, sign-up forms, and other list building and segmentation tools. Explore strategies to leverage nonprofit marketing software effectively >


What is Salsa Engage?

Get an overview of Salsa Engage >


Is Salsa Engage the same as Constant Contact or MailChimp?

No. Salsa Engage also offers robust email marketing tools, customizable templates, and powerful automation. However, Salsa Engage goes beyond platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp by including social media marketing, event management, advocacy, and online fundraising features. Discover the best fundraising software solutions >


What makes Salsa's marketing software stand out?

The marketing software features of Salsa Engage were uniquely built with nonprofit communication, fundraising, and advocacy teams in mind. Salsa’s SmartEngagement technology model provides comprehensive training and a unified reporting system that allows nonprofits to target supporters more effectively and inspire them to take action. Learn more about SmartEngagement technology >


Why is supporter segmentation important to nonprofit marketing?

Supporter segmentation allows you to send targeted messages by grouping supporters according to shared characteristics. Tailoring your outreach to supporters’ experiences with your organization catches their attention, makes them feel valued, and encourages them to engage. Dive deeper into supporter segmentation >


How does the Salsa Engage Facebook Ads integration work?

You can add Facebook's tracking pixel to SalsaEngage forms to give Facebook an idea of when to display ads for your nonprofit. Facebook also takes into account the custom segments you create in Salsa Engage to create more targeted ads. Explore some best practices for nonprofit social media marketing >


How can nonprofit marketing software increase conversions?

Comprehensive nonprofit marketing involves providing supporters with a variety of opportunities to engage with your nonprofit. By integrating nonprofit marketing software with advocacy and digital fundraising functions, Salsa Engage allows every communication to have a corresponding action item. Learn more about developing calls to action >


How can I incorporate branding into nonprofit marketing?

Nonprofit marketing software allows you to customize email templates and online forms with your organization’s logo, color scheme, imagery, and more. When supporters recognize your brand in your marketing communications, they’re more likely to trust that their contributions will support your cause. Check out how branding boosts your nonprofit’s marketing strategy >


Can I buy Salsa's nonprofit marketing software by itself?

Yes. However, for maximum effectiveness, one action module (fundraising, event management, advocacy, or peer-to-peer software) is always sold in combination with our marketing tools. Get a quote for your organization >

Unify Your Online Engagement & Donor Management with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM


Unify Your Online Engagement & Donor Management with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM

  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Fundraising
  • Online Advocacy
  • Peer to Peer/Events
  • Rich Donor Profiles
  • Donation Tracking
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Performance Dashboard

Already Using a CRM?

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Purpose Built Marketing Automation, Fundraising and Advocacy Software for Fundraising and Advocacy Nonprofits.

  • Bidirectional Data Integration
  • Frequent data synchronization
  • User-friendly configuration and setup
  • Works with all Salesforce’s standard versions and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • No middleware or third-party platforms
  • Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities
  • Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

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