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Promote your cause by inspiring supporters with relevant messages!



Build rich supporter profiles and target with the right message at the right time.



Connect with supporters via email & social with mobile-friendly messages.



Increase supporter engagement with tools that are fast, flexible and easy-to-use.



Leverage analytics and optimization tools to drive deeper engagement.

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Target Supporters

Target: Spread the Word

By understanding what’s important to your supporters, Salsa empowers you to engage them with content that is relevant and personalized.

Track your supporters with detailed contact profiles and unlimited custom fields. Target with easy to use segments based on activities, demographics, location, interests, etc.

Build Contact Profiles

Understanding your supporters is the key to effectively segmenting and targeting them with relevant content and timely communications.

Add an unlimited number of custom data elements, track specific supporter information, and tailor the system to meet your organization's needs.


Pre-Built Segments

Salsa comes with a number of pre-built reports for subscribers, petition signees, and other sign up lists. These pre-built lists will streamline your marketing efforts and enable you to target specific audiences immediately.

Built In Segments.png

Create Custom Segments

Our built-in segments will save you time and enable you to target quickly. Because every organization is unique, Salsa also gives you the ability to define custom lists.

You can build segments through simple rules and configurations, or you can create combinations of queries and groups within groups.  The power and flexibility is right at your fingertips.

Segment audiences by demographics, past interactions, geographic location, interests, professional network, or other custom fields...

Custom Segments.png

Connect: Broaden Your Reach

Communication in today's world is multi-channel. Your supporters are constantly on the go and are bombarded with all kinds of messages on all different devices.

Cut through the clutter with precisely relevant messaging. Reach your segmented audiences with modern marketing automation tools. Easily create automated email workflows, find and engage supporters with social publishing and scheduling.

Salsa makes it easy to create mobile friendly content so that your supporters can take action immediately on their mobile devices.

Reach Supporters with Robust Email Marketing

Create compelling email messages with virtually unlimited design options using our drag and drop functionality, easy to use editors, and styling tools. Produce custom email layouts, A/B test content, and use Salsa's in-app spam checker to ensure delivery.

In the world of cause marketing, timeliness can make or break a campaign.  Over half of your supporters will be reading your messages on a mobile device, and Salsa ensures that your they can receive messages and immediately take action on any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Targeted mobile-ready messages and actions mean higher engagement and more influence.

Email Marketing

Drive the Conversation on Social Media

When it’s time to organize your community and raise issues to the world, you need your army of supporters to spread the word across social media.

Social sharing features let your fans easily share your messages via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

Connect your social accounts to Salsa, publish posts or tweets immediately, or schedule them in advance without ever leaving the platform.

Keep your message and your brand front and center at the optimal times for social engagement.


Automated Welcome Series Boosts Engagement

According to Experian, standard promotional emails have a 0.06 percent response rate while “Thanks for joining us” emails that kick off a welcome series have a 0.95 percent response rate. 

Welcome your brand new supporters with a series of pre-scheduled emails that further educate them on the issues.

These welcome series emails are triggered workflows that automatically start when brand new subscribers opt in to your email list.

Marketing automation saves you time and multiplies your ability to connect with your supporters in a timely, relevant manner.

Welcome Series

Convert: Increase Your Impact

Through Salsa's flexible sign up forms, you'll grow your list as you turn website visitors into subscribers, volunteers, supporters, and more! After targeting and connecting with your supporters, make it easy for them to take action. Mobile friendly pages will allow your supporters to immediately take action or spread awareness for your cause wherever they are.

Grow Your Supporter List with DIY Online Forms

To further your mission, you need an active, growing list of supporters that raise their voices on your behalf.

Create branded forms and petitions in minutes with easy to use drag and drop tools. Configure options and adjust the look and feel to precisely match your organization. Use images and formatted text to create compelling calls to action.

DIY Online Forms

Integrate Forms with Your Website

Forms can be hosted for you as stand alone pages or can be integrated seamlessly with your website by embeding forms on landing pages, light-boxes, or widgets.

Website Form Integration

Optimize: Improve Your Results

Let data and analytics drive your marketing activities. Gain insights through visual dashboard reports and create lists from any custom field in the system. Set your engagement goals and track progress in real time.

With visual insights into your supporters' actions, you can track your progress in real-time and refine your messaging with A/B testing.

Engage Smarter with Analytics

The ability to run reports on supporters, actions taken, and social activity is crucial to making informed decisions about future engagement. Salsa's intuitive built-in reports deliver the "at a glance" dashboard insights you need.

Choose from the many marketing engagement reports. Save your preferred reports for easy access or export your data for use in third party applications.

Analytics and Reporting

Optimize with A/B Testing

Guess work is over. With A/B testing in Salsa, you can compare two versions of a message in real time and continually fine tune over time.

Launch your A/B test by sending variations of messages to random samples of your chosen audience. Analyze the results of each message and pick a winner manually, or automate the process and let the system determine the winner based on your criteria and automatically send the winning message to the balance of the list.

A/B Testing

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