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Find out what Resonates with your Supporters

Email Outreach

Send unlimited email messages, test your content, then monitor click and open rates to see what resonates best with your supporters.

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Connect with Your Supporters

Connect With Your Supporters

Capture the attention of your supporters and donors, and inspire them to take action through engaging and compelling email blasts.

Create email messages with virtually unlimited design options. From completely custom email templates or layouts built with our template generator, produce messages that look just the way you want them to.

Welcome your Supporters

Properly Welcome Your Supporters

Welcome supporters into your community after they join your mailing list, thank them for their donation, or confirm their registration for an event -- automatically! Personalize your auto-response messages with dynamically populating fields for truly individualized interactions.

Segment Your List

Effectively target your communications by analyzing supporter’s past activity. With groups, scoring, and the query builder you can tailor your messages and build stronger relationships with supporters.

Segment Your List

Email Scheduling

Send your messages now or schedule for a later time.


A/B Testing

Test images, subject lines, and messages to get the best results.


Email Summary Reports

Review open, click, unsubscribe and delivery data per email.