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Gain Valuable Insight

Online CRM

With all of your data in one place, you can track your supporter’s donations, actions, email activity, and more. Gain valuable insight for more effective communications.

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Identify Your Engaged Supporters

Identify Your Engaged Supporters

With scoring, you can measure supporter activity based on the quantity and timing of recent actions. Use these scores to gauge enthusiasm and improve your outreach.

Foster Quality Relationships

Foster Quality Relationships

Build a deeper relationship with each of your supporters with an in-depth profile including complete, up-to-date contact information, donor history, and online activity. Easily view, query and create supporter-centric communications for better response rates and long-term engagement.


Robust Query Builder

Find specific supporter records based on a wide variety of data.


Customizable Dashboards

Add the reports that you use the most to your dashboards.


Smart Groups

Set list segmentation conditions then auto-populate and refresh groups daily.