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Informed citizens are powerful. Introduce new subscribers with an automated welcome series to educate them about your cause, your programs, and how they can help!


Consistently keep supporters up to date on policy issues through eNewsletters and social media, and coordinate rallies, marches or other events through event registration tools.


Quickly publish action alerts to unleash supporter actions through online petitions, click-to-call, targeted messages to legislators, and Facebook and Tweet a rep functionality.

Salsa Engage

Online Advocacy Tools for Nonprofits

Targeted Actions

  • Send targeted messages directly to decision makers - from local, state and federal offices, to custom recipients like CEOs.
  • Encourage your supporters to send messages to policymakers through the webforms on legislator websites. 
  • Simultaneously target legislators at the same time to encourage change or say thanks.
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Online Petitions

  • Facilitate rapid action and effect real change with Online Petitions or pledges.
  • Welcome your new supporters with an automated series of emails informing them about your cause and encouraging further engagement. 
  • Track actions with dashboard insights and easily query and report on your action takers. 
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Text to Initiate

  • Use SMS text messaging to increase your organization's reach & supporter engagment.
  • Supporters can connect with your organization through a quick text message.
  • Using a toll free number or 5 digit short code, supporters can text campaign-specific keywords that generate a configurable automated reply.
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Social Advocacy

  • Enable supporters to Tweet a Rep.
  • Simple social sharing and tell-a-friend advocacy tools help you grow your network and expand your community.
  • Match email addresses to social profile records, and get to know your supporters on a whole new level. 
  • Connect your social accounts to Salsa Engage and schedule and publish posts in-app.
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Click to Call Advocacy

  • Connect grassroots supporters to their legislators via mobile phone.
  • Provide them with scripts, recordings and talking points.
  • Watch them burn down legislator phone lines
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Click to Call

Click to Call

Give supporters who complete advocacy forms the opportunity to instantly call their legislators with streamlined nonprofit tools.

Legislator Lookup

Legislator Lookup

Give supporters and web visitors an easy way to find their federal, state, and local elected officials just by entering their zip code!

Action Alerts

Action Alerts

Build and broadcast a targeted action alert in minutes with flexible, drag-and-drop email advocacy tools.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Included in every Engage package are list segmentation and email marketing automation workflows.



Take advocates to the next level of engagement by adding online and/or P2P fundraising in Salsa Engage.

Event Registration

Event Registration

This Salsa Engage add-on streamlines the event registration process for your supporters for comprehensive advocacy software.


What is advocacy?

Grassroots advocacy is when one person, a group of people, or an entire organization publicly recommend or support a particular cause. Learn more about what advocacy is here >


What is online advocacy?

Online advocacy employs the capabilities of social media, email, and the web to drive public awareness and legislative change. Online advocacy software facilitates the organizing, communicating, and public influencing needed to impact policies.


How can I start an advocacy campaign?

Successful grassroots advocacy campaigns are led by strategic organizers and facilitated by passionate supporters and powerful software. Learn more about planning an advocacy campaign for nonprofits >


Is online advocacy training available?

Salsa's eLearning platform, will train your team to maximize Salsa Engage advocacy tools, and our strategic partners offer grassroots campaign educational courses. Learn 6 strategies for running an advocacy campaign >


What is grassroots software?

Grassroots software is another term for advocacy software which helps nonprofits build a list of grassroots supporters, communicate with them, and amplify their voices through email, social, targeted actions and petitions.


How does advocacy benefit nonprofits?

Advocacy software for nonprofits allows organizations to engage their supporters outside of the scope of asking for donations. For supporters, the chance to advocate for a cause they care about can further connect them to your nonprofit. See how advocacy fits into your fundraising strategy >


Is advocacy always political?

Advocacy for nonprofits is about bringing communities together to incite positive change toward your cause. While advocacy often involves influencing decision-makers with petitions and mobilized efforts, it is not inherently partisan. Learn more about local and state advocacy >


Which advocacy tools are most important?

Advocacy tools for nonprofits must be targeted, social, and ideally, integrated with your nonprofit CRM to be effective. While every nonprofit will require a different solution, the best advocacy tools should encompass the aforementioned features.


What's the best online advocacy platform?

An independent digital agency, Firefly Partners, ranked Salsa "Best Advocacy Platform" in their 2016 Guide to Online Engagement Tools >

Unify Your Online Advocacy & Donor Management with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM


Unify Your Online Advocacy & Donor Management with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM

  • Email & Social Targeting
  • Click-to-Call Advocacy
  • Online Petitions
  • Marketing and Automation
  • Rich Supporter Profiles
  • Relationship Tracking
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Performance Dashboard

Already Using a CRM?

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Purpose Built Marketing Automation, Fundraising and Advocacy Software for Fundraising and Advocacy Nonprofits.

  • Bidirectional Data Integration
  • Frequent data synchronization
  • User-friendly configuration and setup
  • Works with all Salesforce’s standard versions and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • No middleware or third-party platforms
  • Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities
  • Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

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"Using Salsa to create email blasts and action letters has been very effective during the legislative session. The ability to send an email instructing an individual to reach out to their representative then have a call to action button embedded in the email has led to massive responses in support and in opposition to legislative bills." Online Advocacy Software Review
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