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Multi-Channel Targeted Actions

  • Targeting Legislators

    01 | Selecting Targets

    Influence legislative policy at all levels. Create targeted actions that allow your supporters to send targeted messages directly to local, state and federal policymakers and custom targets.

  • Targeting Legislators

    02 | Choose Your Channel

    After selecting your legislative targets, choose which channel to allow your supporters to use when reaching out to those policymakers.

  • Click to Call Actions

    Calling Your Legislator

    Connect grassroots supporters to their legislators via telephone. Provide them with scripts, recordings and talking points relevant to your agenda, and watch them burn down legislator phone lines!

  • Email + Social Actions

    01 | Email or Webform Messages

    Encourage your supporters to send specific messages to policymakers through the web forms on legislator websites.

  • Email + Social Actions

    02 | Facebook Message

    Allow supporters to send a message directly to your legislators Facebook inbox or comment on their latest post.

  • Email + Social Actions

    03 | Tweet a Rep

    Allow Tweets to come directly from supporters to representatives that you're trying to influence.

  • Action Pages

    01 | Form Builder

    Make it easy for activists to take action. Create beautfiful action pages with drag and drop functionality then mobilize the grassroots through emails and social.

  • Action Pages

    02 | Form Publishing

    Add your targeted action to your website in one of two ways. Copy and paste automatically generated code into a new blank page or add the code to be part of an existing page.

  • Form Creation

    03 | Multi-Channel

    Let your supporters choose to call, email, Facebook message, or Tweet a rep. This is what your online supporters will experience on desktop.

  • Form Creation

    04 | Thank You Page

    After completing the action, your supporters will be redirected to a thank you page. All Salsa Engage pages are pre-built to be mobile-responsive.

  • Form Creation

    05 | Mobile Preview

    Preview your action pages and thank you pages before publishing to the world. Then, empower your supporters to easily take action from anywhere on any device!

  • Marketing Automation


    Quickly follow up with supporters who take action. Automatically send an email to thank them and tell them what steps they can take to make an even bigger impact. (Hint: make a donation!)

  • Dashboard Analytics

    01 | Targeted Action Insights

    Measure the success of your targeted actions by number of supporters engaged, calls made, emails sent, social messages sent, and specific legislators who were contacted.

  • Dashboard Analytics

    02 | Action Page Insights

    Track conversions, traffic sources, page views by device and more on specific action pages with detailed page-level analytics.

  • Action Alert

    Email Editor

    Build and broadcast a targeted action alerts in minutes with flexible, drag and drop email advocacy tools that are mobile responsive.

  • CTFK

    01 | Action Page Example

    In an effort to end the sale of tobacco, Campaign for Tobacco Free kids has launched a custom targeted action to Walgreen's executives.

  • CTFK

    02 | Email/Social Action Example

    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids gives supporters the opportunity to send an email, Facebook message, and Tweet directly to Walgreens and their executive team.

  • SCAN

    03 | Action Page Example

    Save the Children Action Network has a number of "Take Action" pages on their website. This one directs visitors to send a message to Congress to fight famine overseas.

  • SCAN

    04 | Federal Target Example

    Save the Children Action Network has a national campaign directing supporters to target their Federal Senators.

List Growth and Engagement

  • Petitions Form Builder

    01 | Drag and Drop

    Easily build petitions, pledges, and more with drag and drop configuration. Add photos, change colors, adjust layouts, customize form fields and start capturing new subscribers in minutes!

  • Petitions Form Builder

    02 | Mobile Preview

    Everything in Salsa Engage is mobile responsive so that your supporters can take action on any device. Want to be sure? Preview your forms on desktop, tablet, and mobile before publishing.

  • Petitions Form Builder

    03 | Thank You

    Immediately thank your action takers, make it easy for them to share your petition on social media, and tell them more about the work your organization doing and how they can help!

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Engagement Insights

    Report on supporters, email engagement, petition pages, actions taken, social activity and more. Track current initiatives and make informed decisions about future campaigns.

  • People Not Porn

    01 | Petition Example

    People Not Porn features a petition on their home page asking signees to 'send a message to legislators.'

  • Earth Day Network

    02 | Pledge Example

    Earth Day Network asks web visitors to pledge to stop using disposable plastic!

  • NRCM

    03 | Legislator Lookup Example

    Natural Resources Council of Maine uses Salsa's Legislator Lookup tool to capture new subscribers looking to identify their local, state, and federal policymakers!

Salsa Thrive

Salsa's client success hub, THRIVE, surrounds you and your team with the training, coaching, and support you need to maximize the impact of your grassroots advocacy campaigns.

  • Salsa ScholarsSalsa Scholars

    You're investing in Salsa, and we're investing in you! The Salsa Scholars eLearning platform contains self-paced, instructor-led tutorials and activities that will help you master the basics and conquer the most advanced capabilities of Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM.

  • Smart StartSmart Start

    Smart Start Advocacy helps brand new users combine online engagement best practices with the functionality of the Salsa Engage platform. 1-on-1 coaching calls and instructor-led guidance will help you build your first petition, email newsletter, and welcome series.

  • Salsa SupportSalsa Support

    In-app tips and a rich knowledgebase empowers you to learn, troubleshoot and grow on your own. Plus, from 8AM to 8PM ET Monday through Friday, you'll have email and phone access to a support team obsessed with helping you succeed.

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