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Online Petitions

Quickly Make Your Voice Heard

Online Petitions Dashboard

If you want decision makers to hear - and listen to - your message, you must speak with a loud, unified voice. From online to on the streets, reach supporters and invite them to raise their voices and join you in your cause. Then, seamlessly integrate new petition signers into your supporter database.

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One Click Actions

Facilitate rapid action and effect real change with Online Petitions or pledges. Collect hundreds or thousands of virtual signatures through easy to build web forms and submit names to your local, federal, or state lawmakers and even CEOs and business leaders. Grow the fight for your cause and make your voice heard.

One Click Actions

Follow Up with a Welcome Series

Welcome your new supporters with an automated series of emails informing them about your cause and encouraging further engagement. Create an email campaign in minutes with Salsa’s drag and drop template builder.

Welcome Series

Activity Reports

Track actions with dashboard insights and easily query and report on your action takers. Need to analyze your data further? You can export any report and its underlying data into a .csv or Excel file.

Advocacy Engagement
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