Salsa CRM integrates with DonorSearch

DonorSearch can amplify your insight into your best donors with their accurate and actionable philanthropy and wealth analytics.


About DonorSearch:

DonorSearch is a leading provider of prospect research to nonprofit organizations.

  • Wealth screen the supporters in your CRM database to precisely segment and target those most likely and able to give.

  • Accuracy matters: with access to the world’s largest philanthropic database, DonorSearch is able to compare your data so that you can take strategic and actionable steps.
  • Built-in tools like Integrated Search, Search Options, and Marketing Lists let you gather more information on already-known supporters, research grant-giving foundations, list expansion features, and more!

Key Benefits of the Integration:

Natively built into Salsa CRM, DonorSearch is readily available on all constituent records once you’ve purchased your DonorSearch service.

  • When looking at a constituent record in Salsa CRM, you’ll see a dedicated DonorSearch built specifically for looking at the DonorSearch data right in Salsa CRM.
  • To get the most up to date information on that supporter, click the ‘Retrieve Data’ button on the record and the system will automatically update the fields displayed.
  • Take your reporting to the next level by including DonorSearch data into your reports in Salsa CRM.


To add DonorSearch to your Salsa CRM account, contact DonorSearch and let them know you are a Salsa client for available discounts!


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