Reporting & Queries

Become a Smarter Fundraiser

Fundraising Dashboard

The ability to run reports on constituents, campaigns and events is crucial to making informed decisions. Quickly and easily query your database for intelligent metrics and run ad-hoc reports using any of the fields in your database, including all of your custom fields. Make a fundraising plan. Execute it. Analyze your results. Repeat what works.

Customize Dashboards for Real-time Visualization

Visual dashboards give you real-time insights into your online donations, social media engagement, email open/click rates, event registrations, capital campaign goals, donation trends, and more! Save your favorite reports to the dashboard for easy access.


Measure Key Metrics with One Click

Salsa CRM comes equipped with many built-in development reports to track lapsed donors, donor detail, giving history, pledge details, solicitations, forecasts and payment types.

All standard reports are highly customizable with numerous filiters and the ability to run over any time period.


Easy Query Tool

Queries are no longer intimidating with Salsa CRM. The intuitive interface allows you to query on any field within the database. Save your favorite reports and use them for mail merges, label printing, mass deleting, or data exporting to a .csv or Excel file. Filter, sort, exclude, calculate and more.


Over 3,000 nonprofits across the globe use Salsa to engage and change the world. Join them today!

Increase in Donor Retention
Increase in Donation Growth
Increase in Donor Growth
Average year-over-year performance of Salsa nonprofit users.
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