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Animal Legal Defense Fund Educates, Activates with Salsa


Challenges Like Yours

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) set out with a specific campaign goal in mind- stop the passage of “ag gag” laws and protect animal rights, the environment, public health and basic civil liberties. As they began the campaign, they knew they must overcome the following challenges:

  • Simplifying a complex legal issue into one that would generate emotion and activate responses
  • Creating a message that would reach a variety of supporters with different interests in the same over-arching goal
  • Uniting the voices of multiple interest groups into one action effort to make an impact
  • Running a two-fold campaign- encouraging supporters to sign a petition and offer a model law for states to enact to counterbalance "ag gag" legislation

Strategy for Success

ALDF turned to strategists at Salsa and partner, See3 Communications for assistance in reaching supporters, employing efforts to:

  • Create an online advocacy action where supporters could petition their state legislators to vote against "ag gag" laws
  • Establish a microsite to host the petition and serve as an educational portal to link between consumer food safety and animal protection
  • Attract current and new supporters through social media efforts and influential online personalities and bloggers
  • Maximize paid media via banner ads and paid advertising on YouTube

Lessons Learned

  • Consider reaching out to supporters with other interest areas who may also benefit from the efforts of a given campaign
  • Know your strengths and make the most of what your organization does best, in combination with the action of your supporters
  • Evaluate the impact of your supporters on each level of decision makers, as sometimes state legislators are able to make as much movement, or more, on your issue than national officials
  • If the your budget will allow, expand outreach efforts to include both free and paid media, as well as existing your communication channels and allies
  • Make the investment in a simple but powerful video to evoke emotion and help viewers relate to a complicated issue