The Cure Starts Now’s Annual Beard it Up Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign generates nearly $500,000 to help find a cure for pediatric cancer.

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The Cure Starts Now

About the Cure Starts Now and the Beard it Up P2P Campaign

The Cure Starts Now is not about fighting just one cancer, but the elimination of cancer as a whole. They believe as the experts do; that in order to truly cure cancer you have to focus on those cancers that are the biggest bullies like DIPG. The Cure Starts Now is the first cancer charity dedicated to this “homerun cure.”

Salsa client since: 2018

DHA started with Salsa Engage in January 2020, and uses our embedded and pop-up fundraising forms for their virtual fundraisers, and CRM to keep track of donors, supporters, and advocates.

Campaign Highlight

In 2018, The Cure Starts Now created a national peer-to-peer fundraising campaign called “Beard it Up” to help kids like Jade, the daughter of a Texas police chief, who was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Soon thereafter, they added “Color for the Cure” to the campaign for those who would participate by coloring their nails rather than growing a beard.

Beard it Up and Color for the Cure run on Salsa’s P2P fundraising platform which helps keep the teams and the donors organized and efficient.

The campaign allowed police organizations around the country to create fundraising teams that could solicit donations from friends, family, and supporters in their own networks. Dozens of teams and individuals from around the country participate, helping raise nearly $500,000 to date and helping countless kids in the process.


Additional Salsa Benefits

In the past, a number of the shelter’s potential donors were confused by the Paypal link and concerned when they were taken off of the organization’s website to make their donation. The organization has seen their website bounce rate drop on fundraising pages since implementing Salsa.

The integration that Salsa has with QuickBooks also saves a lot of time for the shelter staff and ensures that donation amounts get recorded quickly and correctly.

Mike Weiner, CIO of The Cure Starts Now says:

Once we had the tools to do what we wanted, it was easy to setup. You really have to give your potential donors an understanding of how to engage with your campaign and that’s another thing we like about Salsa - the ability to populate all the messaging that will be shared in the event.

What's Next?

Lowe and the ABC team are now setting up a  Zapier integration between Salsa Engage and Survey Monkey.   The survey they are using is designed to allow ABC to better understand the interests and needs of each supporter.  This information will be automatically stored in the supporter's record in Salsa Engage and used to create specifically targeted communications.  In addition to tailoring email communications for specific groups of supporters, ABC will be able to target their advocacy efforts by matching targeted action requests with a supporter's specific interests.

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