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About Bikes for the World

Bikes for the World, a nonprofit based in the  Washington D.C. area, collects unwanted  bicycles and related material in the United  States and delivers it at low cost to community development programs, assisting the poor in more than a dozen countries. Our mission is to make quality used bicycles and parts affordable and available to lower income people and select institutions in developing countries, to enhance their lives and livelihoods through better transport.

We also generate skilled employment in bicycle repair and maintenance overseas, and to provide satisfying environmental and humanitarian community service opportunities for volunteers in the United States.

Human Services

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The Challenge

Lack of Transportation | Modern Communications

Bikes for the World needed to solve two problems – first, poor people in the developing world lacked affordable, eco-friendly transportation, and second, efficient production and marketing methods had led to a glut of unwanted bicycles in the United States.


The Results


Easy-To-Use Tools

"It really helps to have Salsa's easy-to-use communication tools to get the word out. We are connecting with the community."

- Keith Oberg | Director

Helping Us Along The Way

"We have been using Salsa for number of years to communicate our collections, our need for volunteers to help us prep and load bikes as well as to communicate our accomplishments."

- Keith Oberg | Director

Talking Advantage of Salsa

"We have been able to build more targeted listes, build relationships and track our performance. We have seen significant growth and are staffing up to take better advantage of all Salsa has to offer."

- Keith Oberg | Director

Helping & Educating

"We see ourselves helping people not only in a very
concrete way overseas, but through participating
in our programs locally, we are supporting
environmental and developmental education here
in the U.S."

- Keith Oberg | Director

Most Effective Use

"The most effective use of our website videos has been through the email blasts we do through Salsa."

- Keith Oberg | Director

The Bottom Line

"We are positively impacting  thousands of lives - our donors, our volunteers  and the recipients of our bicycles. My hope is to continue to grow our visibility and be more effective so we can ultimately serve more people. We look forward to seeing how we can fully utilize Salsa to support that growth." - Keith Oberg, Director

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