An 18-month campaign with emails, surveys, and targeted actions to legislators contributes to $3 million of statewide funding for community gun violence prevention programs in Connecticut

About CT Against Gun Violence

CT Against Gun Violence has been focused on legislative advocacy around enacting stronger gun laws in Connecticut. CAGV also provides support and education around non-legislative activities like programs preventing gun-related suicides and curbing community and interpersonal gun violence.


Campaign Highlight

CT Against Gun Violence ran their most successful campaign to date. They generated more than 1,000 supporters engaging via targeted action forms, surveys, training, and other advocacy actions to launch the CT Initiative to Prevent Community Gun Violence.

The grassroots campaign contributed to the Governor of CT announcing an additional $3 million in funding for gun violence prevention programs, and legislation being passed to establish a Commission on Gun Violence Prevention, a grant-making authority with dedicated staff to fund and support community-based violence prevention programs.


Salsa Client Since 2008:

CAGV uses Salsa Engage + CRM to advocate for stronger gun laws by communicating with thousands of supporters in Connecticut and throughout the country. They use targeted actions to drive engagement with state and federal elected officials, and email marketing for fundraising campaigns and to get the word out about important initiatives. They keep track of all their engagement in Salsa, from the moment a new supporter signs up on the website all the way through training, education, and eventually until they complete campaign actions and become effective citizen-advocates.


We feel like we’re able to do everything we need to do within the software. It’s intuitive, and the technical support is excellent. They answered all our questions and held our hand through the transition from Salsa Classic. CAGV is really pleased with Salsa.

Jonathan Perloe Director of Communications

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