Whole Whale and Salsa Partner to Help Earth Day Network Acquire New Supporters with Facebook Ads

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Salsa Labs recently partnered with social impact digital agency Whole Whale and longtime customer Earth Day Network to demonstrate the power of the new Facebook Ads integration with Salsa Engage.

Earth Day Network’s goal was to find brand new people with an affinity for environmental causes and add them to their email lists in Salsa Engage. To this end, Whole Whale configured their Engage account, enabling Facebook lead acquisition to filter new leads seamlessly into the platform.

After building the ad creative package and choosing which Facebook users they would target, Whole Whale launched the Earth Day Network Facebook Ads campaign while Salsa sponsored a modest $300 campaign budget.

The campaign ran for one week and resulted in 858 new leads for Earth Day Network at a stunning cost per lead of just $0.35. The leads from the ads synced from Facebook to Engage, automatically adding the new leads on to EDN's existing email list.

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