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About NSAC

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities. NSAC’s vision of agriculture is one where a safe, nutritious, ample, and affordable food supply is produced by a legion of family farmers who make a decent living pursuing their trade, while protecting the environment, and contributing to the strength and stability of their communities.


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The Challenge

Segmenting Lists | Build Action Alerts Quickly

We exist to help our members advance a more sustainable food and farm future through federal policy reform. Before Salsa, we had a harder time segmenting our list and reaching out with relevant content about specific issues. It also took us a lot longer to build action alerts to send out to our network.


- Sarah Hackney|Grassroots Director

The Results


The Right Message to Say

"With Salsa I am able to make sure that every supporter in my network gets an email and knows immediately who their senators are and how to call them and the right message to say and when."

- Sarah Hackney | Grassroots Director

Specify Segments

"Just over a third of our donations come in as part of our year end fundraising cycle, so having Salsa is really critical, because it lets us specify our segment down to the individual person. "

- Sarah Hackney | Grassroots Director

Track in Real Time

"We (also) love the ability that we can sort of track in real time how an email is doing, identify asks that are working well and adjust course when needed."

- Sarah Hackney | Grassroots Director

Growth in Average Gift Size

"From the past year we have actually seen a 25% growth in average gift size."

- Sarah Hackney | Grassroots Director

The Bottom Line

"We simply wouldn’t be able to do our jobs, here at NSAC, if we didn’t have a tool like Salsa for petitions and emailing your legislator. Those are the kind of tools that help take people from passive information receivers into engaged grassroots advocates and that is what absolutely makes a difference when it comes to influencing policies." - Sarah Hackney

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