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Polaris Project Masters Peer-to-Peer Fundraising with Salsa


Photo: Polaris Project

Challenges Like Yours

Polaris Project, like many nonprofits, thrives because of their fundraising efforts. In early 2012, they sought to establish a quick-turn social media fundraising campaign to expand their reach, but faced the following challenges:

  • Introducing a new style of fundraising to supporters: peer-to-peer
  • Meeting an aggressive fundraising goal so early in the calendar year
  • Desire to reach supporters without overwhelming them with ask requests
  • Creating a message to encourage both donations and spreading the word to supporters’ own networks

Strategy for Success

Polaris Project found that email outreach was the best place to get started with their campaign, employing strategies like:

Lessons Learned

  • Giving supporters two options for taking action leads to an increase in response rates
  • Consider removing the most recent donors for continued outreach efforts to minimize overwhelming supporters with messaging
  • Offer simple, specific instructions for supporters to take action, either through a gift or the creation of their own fundraising page
  • Make multiple asks, spread at specific intervals to stay fresh in the minds of supporters