GIVE GAB: Turn your day of giving into year-round fundraising

September 3, 2021

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Molly Melia

Molly Melia

Product Marketer

Molly joined GiveGab as the Product Marketer in 2020 with 5 years in the Giving Day space. She strives to make education around our platform and offerings easy, enjoyable, and effective. Molly enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing with her two cats.

Laurel Maley

Laurel Maley

Project Coordinator

Laurel is a Project Coordinator at GiveGab. She has worked within the Customer Success team since the summer of 2018 and is passionate about providing exceptional support to our Giving Day partners. Laurel enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with her rescue dog, Leon.

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tips with Salsa, we sit down with the team from GiveGab, the #1 digital solution for Giving Days.  

With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, this episode is very timely. In it, you’ll learn about software that you can use to power you days of giving, communication tips you can use to make sure people know what to do and when to do it on your giving day, and you’ll learn how to expand on your single day of giving and turn it into year-round advocacy and fundraising for your organization and those you serve. 

It’s a great episode and we hope you enjoy it!  Let’s give it a listen. 

About GiveGab

Give Gab

After reading a compelling statistic on happiness in 2011, CEO Charlie Mulligan was inspired to transform the way people engage in philanthropy. He discovered that those who gave back to charitable organizations were happier, but the means to connect with them were limited, leaving fundraising professionals overwhelmed and under-resourced.

This was the foundation for what is now the #1 digital solution for connecting people with the causes they care about through Giving Days and year-round fundraising.

Why the name GiveGab? Our name gives a straightforward explanation of our platform! GiveGab is a place to Give and to share or Gab about philanthropy. Whether it's through Giving Days or year-round fundraising, Giving and Gabbing is what we're all about!

To learn more about GiveGab: