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Salsa Software Support Photo: Salsa's top-notch support team hands out help by way of the Geek Lab at the Salsa Community Conference.

Top-Rated Support from Salsa
Client Services

Salsa's Helpdesk is known for its customer service. We are not faceless, detached voices on the phone. Instead, the Salsa software support group is a passionate teeam of individuals who understand we influence your ability to make a real different. And, although we try to make you smile whenever we can, we take that responsibility very seriously.

When you become a Salsa client, you have direct, easy access to support within the platform itself- just look for the link.  If you’d rather get your support another way, we give you lots of options:

  • Premier Support
    Upgrade to premier support and get a dedicated Salsa team member to address your support concerns as well as top of queue service and guaranteed two-hour or less initial response time for every submission.
  • Salsa Commons
    There are literally tens of thousands of people just like you who use Salsa to support their mission, and they are turning to their peers in the Salsa community to learn more about the platform and share best practices with one another.  Visit Salsa Commons, the online community, now.
  • Email Support
    Second to submitting a support ticket from within the platform, this is the most efficient way to contact us:
  • Phone Support
    If you can’t find what you need in commons or feel like you can’t explain your issue in email, phone support is available during regular hours at 866-796-8350.  Real support from a live, friendly person! Who would ever think of such a thing?

Account Management

On your very first day as a Salsa client, we assign you an account manager to watch over you and ensure your success. You may receive emails from your account manager with news or tips, consult with them about your Salsa account, or use them as an escalation point for issues.  If you have the chance, please come to our annual Community Conference and meet them in-person.  Not sure who is your account manager?  Email and we will put you in touch.

Support Outside Regular Hours

Our regular hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Monday thru Friday, except federal holidays. Outside regular hours, we maintain on-call shifts and will respond to emergency support requests. If you believe there's a true systems emergency, like a server or database failure, first check our @SalsaLabsOps Twitter feed; it's probable that we already know about the issue and are working to fix it. Failing that, you can send an email to Support at our emergency address. We only ask that you use it wisely - like for hurricanes and earthquakes and whatnot.

Success Story

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