Welcome to Salsa’s client success hub!


Welcome to Salsa’s client success hub!

Ensure your success with a true cause partner.

Smart Start
Adoption + Best Practices

Succeed...from the start.

Smart Start is Salsa's 6-week adoption program that will help brand new users integrate online engagement and fundraising best practices with the functionality of the Salsa Engage platform.

The program combines two group webinars and two 1-on-1 calls (following each group webinar) to ensure you have all the personal assistance you need to grow your online fundraising program.

You'll be coached in:

  • Setting up your first donation form
  • Building a welcome series
  • Crafting your first newsletter
  • Creating your first email appeal

eLearning + Certifications

Learn...on your time.

You're investing in Salsa, and we're investing in you. The Salsa Scholars eLearning platform will give you hands-on product training to help you maximize the features in Salsa. Scholars contains self-paced, instructor-led tutorials and activities that will help you master the basics and conquer the most advanced capabilities of Salsa Engage and CRM.

You'll receive comprehensive training in:

  • Salsa Engage
    Email, Social Media, Online Fundraising, Peer to Peer, and Advocacy, and much more!
  • Salsa CRM
    Reporting, Mail Merging, & Gift Processing

Support Center
Knowledgebase + Help

Assistance...when you need it.

At Salsa, we're doing everything we can to ensure that you can stay focused on your mission and not on troubleshooting your technology. In fact, our client success team is pretty obsessive about making sure that you are as happy as possible with Salsa.

Our regular hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) Monday though Friday.

If you have questions, here are the best ways to get them answered:

  • Browse the Knowledgebase
  • Submit a Ticket
  • Chat with Support

Join Salsa’s community of over 10,000 nonprofit professionals.

Take Challenges + Win Rewards

Win...by sharing.

Salsa Stars is an invite-only online community of idealists, world changers, and heroes.

In this customer champion community, you'll get to share and learn with other members, provide Salsa product feedback, and spread the good word about Salsa. You might very well be doing many of these activities today, but now you'll get rewarded for doing so!

In short, Salsa Stars contains challenges and activities that you can participate in to win points. Then, you can redeem the points for gift cards, charitable contributions to your nonprofit, tickets to nonprofit events, and so much more.

Local User Groups

Collaborate...with peers near you.

Starting in 2018, Salsa Clubs will launch in cities around the US. 

Clubs are local Salsa user groups that will gather to learn from each other, share ideas, network, and collaborate for your causes.

At this time, we're planning on launching Clubs where interest is highest. So, if you're interested in attending a future user group, please sign up using the button below and let us know where you're from and what you hope to gain by attending!

Customer News Letter

Tips...right in your inbox.

Stay current with the latest product announcements and all our best fundraising, advocacy, and nonprofit marketing content.

Your subscription to Salsa Scoop includes the latest updates from the Salsa blog, plus access to the monthly newsletter, which contains:

  • Upcoming online and in-person event announcements
  • New blog posts or downloadable guides
  • News about Salsa product updates and trainings
  • Client stories highlighting nonprofits who are changing the world!