Salsa Labs v. NeonCRM

Donor Management Software Comparison

Salsa beats Neon in online supporter engagement

If you’re a membership based nonprofit, Neon might be a good fit for you. Neon is good in member management with an online portal for members to manage their own information. But, Salsa is superior for online supporter engagement. Salsa marries a true nonprofit CRM with marketing automation.

If you’re tired of using point tools that don’t play well together, then Salsa’s unified platform with CRM and online engagement is the better choice for you.


Alain Oliver

Executive Director,
Love and Fidelity Network

"Neon Too Heavy of a Burden to Manage."

"One of the reasons we switched from NeonCRM & MailChimp to Salsa CRM & Engage was the sheer number of duplicates that NeonCRM would produce. The purpose of automating a process is to eliminate the need for costly and time consuming manual input and edits. The default process in NeonCRM would produce duplicate records every time someone would donate online in response to a campaign. Salsa CRM’s multi-factor data analysis to eliminate duplicates from donations (and event registrations) was an absolutely nonnegotiable requirement for us in any donor management software."

Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over NeonCRM?

  • Salsa was recognized as a G2 Crowd High Performer for the Winter quarter of 2019 and was awarded the "User's Love Us" badge in 2019 as well!
  • Salsa’s built in email marketing with the ability to set up welcome series and drip campaigns, wins hands down over Neon. In fact, many Neon users prefer to use a separate tool like Mail Chimp instead of Neon’s built in email tools.
  • Salsa also offers sophisticated marketing automation, unlimited online donation and event forms, and mutli-channel online advocacy tools.
Donor Management Software - Salsa over NeonCRM


If you need a true online and offline fundraising, marketing, and advocacy tool, Salsa is your best bet!

Rose Condra

Rose Condra

Executive Director,
Choices Life Resource Center

"Email and Fundraising were Clunky
at Best with Neon."

"We previously used two separate third-party programs for emails and peer to peer fundraising, since that capacity was “clunky” at best in our Neon software. After investigating three separate CRM applications which would allow those functions internally, we chose Salsa for the overall functionality. Also, key in our decision was the onboarding process (training videos available) and customer service which came highly-recommended by the referrals I contacted."

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