Making the Most of Salsa

  • Salsa Clients Raised 320m Dollars
  • Salsa Clients Undertook 109m Advocacy Actions
  • Salsa Has More than 3k Clients
  • Salsa Clients Collectively Managed 92m Supporters
  • Salsa Clients Sent More Than 10.5b Emails

We are so not one-dimensional. We have lots to offer beyond our software products.

Sure, our software is the foundation for nonprofits to manage their thriving online engagement programs, but we realize knowing all the latest strategies and tips to be as effective as possible is important, too. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll help you troubleshoot. And if you have more complex demands, we can help with those, too. Because in the end, our support impacts your ability to make a real difference.

From our online software training and practical education webinars to our client case studies, insightful reports, nonprofit best practice guides and online community, we provide you what it takes to achieve your mission.

Client Stories

Be inspired. Our clients accomplish some pretty amazing things with Salsa. They've created innovative campaigns and fueled real change. Through their stories, envision what your organization can do.

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