Why Salsa?

What's different about Salsa? With so many vendors that appear to offer similar solutions, why is Salsa the best software for your nonprofit?

Choosing the Best Software for Your Nonprofit

A simple comparison (including reviews) to answer your questions and help you make the right choice!

What's different about Salsa?


Integrated and Scalable

Back in September of 2015, The NonProfit Times published a report saying,  “Donor management systems have made significant progress, but it’s still tricky business moving information from one system to another. That frustrates a lot of fundraisers."   The report also quoted a nonprofit consultant who said, “ The single biggest challenge nonprofits face is the lack of integration, leaving many nonprofits out in the cold.” 

Two months later, in November 2015, Salsa put these frustrations to an end by successfully bringing together Salsa Engage for online supporter engagement with Salsa CRM for constituent relationship management.

In today’s nonprofit software marketplace, there are countless vendors, but most fall on one end of the spectrum or the other in terms of scalability.

On one end, you have very basic systems that require you to look for a new system when your needs expand or require you to build connectors with other tools.

One the other end, you have complicated, robust platforms that require a dedicated team of tech-savvy experts to manage the systems and their integrations.

Neither solution is a good long-term option for the 98% of the nonprofits who can't afford a dedicated team to manage complex systems.

Recognizing this gap, we built the world’s first online and offline supporter engagement platform. This toolkit includes Salsa Engage for online marketing automation, fundraising, advocacy, event registration, and peer to peer fundraising and seamlessly integrates all of that online activity with Salsa CRM.  Salsa CRM offers donor management, donation tracking, event planning, direct mail fundraising, payment processing, and robust reporting.

Now, nonprofits can easily scale as their needs grow WITHOUT having to shop for a new vendor or pay to build integrations with other systems.

All your fundraising tools without all the hassle.

The Old Way

Why use a combination of disparate tools?


The Salsa Way

When you can get it all in one unified platform.



Salsa’s toolkit is purpose-built for nonprofits. While systems like Salesforce were built initially for for-profit sales teams, Salsa built every feature with nonprofit use cases in mind. The in-app terminology, built-in reports, and industry best practice content layouts are just a few examples of how intuitive the Salsa system is for nonprofits, even for non-technical users.

Drag and Drop

Just as important as having an integrated, scalable system, is having one that is easy to use and easy to learn. You don’t need to know code to thrive with the Salsa platform. Our drag-and-drop functionality for all forms, emails, and event pages make it incredibly quick and easy to create beautiful content that will inspire your supporters to act.


We know your time is valuable, and like most nonprofits, you and your team are probably overworked and struggle with finding enough resources to reach your goals. To help, we built marketing automation tools into Salsa Engage so that you can streamline communication with constituents, welcome new subscribers, and never miss a follow up or opportunity to thank a supporter.


Every organization has unique processes, data requirements, and workflows. With Salsa, you can create an unlimited amount of custom fields, customize your major gift cultivation workflows, create custom report queries, and design all of your emails and forms to match your website’s branding.


The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

I don’t think we would have been as effective as we've been, if we didn't have the capabilities of Salsa.

- Aya Matsumoto | Development Associate

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Client Success Hub

From the day your nonprofit signs up, our client success team is committed to making you successful, fueling your growth, and helping you deliver on your mission.

Immediately after signing up, you’re enrolled into Thrive, Salsa's client success hub for you and your organization.

With Thrive, you have access to:

  • Scholars: Robust eLearning platform with self-paced product training and certifications to help you master Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM and grow professionally.
  • Smart Start: This 6-week adoption program helps new users integrate online engagement and fundraising best practices with the functionality of Salsa Engage.
  • Support Center: Our knowledge-base and help desk have all the answers you need to successfully use Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM. Our award-winning support team is available, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 8PM ET.

Learn more about Thrive


Modern and Mobile

Mobile devices accounted for 14% of online giving in 2015 and that number is rising rapidly. Salsa ensures that all your marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and peer to peer pages are mobile friendly for your supporters and that your donor management experience is mobile ready for you and your staff.

Mobile Ready

In a mobile centric world, over half of your supporters will be reading your messages on a mobile device.  Salsa Engage ensures they’ll have the best possible experience and you’ll have the highest chance of converting them into taking action!

P2P Mobile App

Salsa’s Peer-to-Peer module comes with a FREE mobile application, specifically designed for fundraisers, at no additional costs to the organization.   Fundraisers can check their progress, receive donation notifications, ask for support, and thank donors, quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime.   With direct linkages to email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and more the mobile application provides even more ways to help your fundraisers be successful.

CRM Access On-the-go

The 2017 NTEN Idealware report noted that Salsa CRM ‘s user interface is optimized for mobile and quite user friendly. On-the-go access is ideal for executives or development officers to quickly pull up constituent history or enter meeting notes via any mobile or tablet web browser. We’re currently working on a mobile app for an even better mobile experience!

The mission of the Beaver County Humane Society is to protect all domestic animals by providing shelter and care; adoption services; investigation, correction or prosecution of cruelty or abuse situations; education programs; and promotion of the concepts of kindness and respect for all living creatures throughout Beaver County.

One of the beauties of Salsa Engage is that it does save time and resources and we can launch a campaign quickly.

- Susan Salyards | Executive Director

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How are Customers Performing with Salsa?


Donor Retention Rates

The industry average for donor retention is 43%.


Initiatives Launched in 2017

These initiatives were launched by Salsa clients.


Actions Taken in 2017

These supporter actions were taken on behalf of Salsa clients.


Annual Increase in Donations

Average year-over-year growth over four year span.


Increase in New Donors

Average year-over-year growth over four year span.


Increase in Average Gift Size

Average year-over-year growth over four year span.


Increase in Efficiency

This is an average boost in first-year staff efficiency with Salsa.


Increase in Productivity

This is an average boost in first-year staff productivity with Salsa.


Nonprofits Use Salsa

Over 10,000 users worldwide use Salsa.

Nonprofit Software Comparisons

How Does Salsa CRM Stack Up to the Competition?

Fundly CRM

In Their Own Words

Recently, the Executive Director and Development Director of Virginia-based nonprofit, Dream Catchers, mailed a letter 'out of the blue' to Salsa. In the letter, Dream Catchers detailed their experience getting started with Salsa and working with a number of Salsa employees along the way. They gave us full permission to share it with any nonprofit organization looking for more than just a software vendor, but a true cause partner. We hope you'll find it helpful.

Nonprofit Software User Reviews

  1. Benjamin C.

    Environmental Nonprofit Management and Development

    SALSA Combines the Right Ingredients

    "The Salsa Community and Support team are evidence of the adage, "people are the best asset". The platform is intuitive and simple enough to learn and the support crew answer questions promptly and with kindness -no matter how technically illiterate one might be! I think sometimes platforms can be too technical or intimidatingly detailed, but SALSA simplifies code, donor management, email and..."
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  2. Jesse K.

    Legislative Counsel at Marijuana Policy Project

    Successful outreach and advocacy promotion

    "Salsa has an easy to use template system for drafting email blasts. Uploading a specific template I can use again and again allow me to focus on the content of my message rather than the coding for the appearance of the email. This function allows me to waste no time in alerting followers of important developments in my area of work. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  3. Administrator in Performing Arts

    A necessary organizational and development tool

    "Salsa CRM is straightforward and easy to use and how it can be used only grows as my understanding of the system grows. I like the ability to easily tie in fundraising abilities, donor management, and reports. Using one app for all of our needs as a non-profit saves me a lot of time and stress. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  4. Amanda P.

    Director of Communications at Virginia Organizing

    Good experience so far!

    "I love the new platform. We previously had Salsa classic and it was great, but this is much more user-friendly. I also love that it's integrated into the fundraising software. The cost savings is going to be great and it's a better product. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  5. Jaq L.

    Media design @ Lifestyle Medicine Foundation; Holistic Nutritionist

    Great functionality, Excellent support team!

    "The training and support team are by far the best part. Learning new software can be difficult and Salsa has programs that help you learn everything you need to know and more! They share best practices info and customized solutions for your non profit. They are always willing to help and email support is very fast!"
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  6. Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Great CRM!

    "There are a lot of aspects of Salsa CRM that I enjoy. It is easy to use, and the reporting is very robust. The custom fields are great and plug into letters where they are supposed to. I also like the membership which does a good job of helping us keep track of our memberships. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  7. Benjamin M B.

    Product Owner/Sr IT Analyst at OptumHealth

    great fundraising platform

    "Easy campaign and grassroots fundraising page creation, easy tracking of progress, super easy promotion capabilites"
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  8. Megan M.

    Communications Coordinator

    Robust email marketing platform with bonus useful functions

    "The ways both deep and wide to understand and segment our audience"
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  9. Debra N.

    Development Associate at Northwood Foundation

    Great Product!

    "What I like best about Salsa CRM is it's easy to use. Our organization was able to save thousands of dollars by switching to Salsa CRM without losing any features we currently had and gaining some we didn't. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  10. Susan S.

    Director of Development at Center for Children's Advocacy

    Salsa Review

    "That we have all our information in one place"
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  11. Shannon D.

    Fundraising Associate at Freedom House

    Salsa has a great team to help with our needs

    "Salsa has a great support staff to help pull some of the complicated reports regarding donations and our supporters. Their email and event abilities help manage our outreach effectively. Its display is colorful and more easily absorbed when trying to get acquainted with the software. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  12. User in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Very user friendly once you get used to it

    "Salsa Engage is an easy-to-use platform for our event registrations, petitions, email blasts, etc. With very little training my coworkers and I are able to set up and send emails and I set up my first petition the other day - it was very easy and has gotten a lot of activity! "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  13. Jasmine B.

    Constituent Relations Manager at ALS Association Golden West Chapter

    Long time user, long time lover

    "The Advanced Query function is easy to use. The help desk is amazing. They really work to make this the best product they can. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  14. Administrator in Individual & Family Services

    Salsa is easy to use

    "I like how easy Salsa was to learn to use. For both a seasoned techie or someone afraid of tech it is easy to understand and use quickly."
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  15. Dave T.

    Fun product

    "I like the ease of use of the product and the friendliness of the staff the best. We've used the software for many years and continue to be satisfied with it. "
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  16. Administrator in Political Organization

    great customer service!

    "The diverse features available and they are always updating to stay current with trends! I am grateful for the constant updates and the variety of options available."
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  17. Laura P.

    Director of Communications at Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

    Helped get our small NPO to the next level

    "Before we got started with Salsa, our disability rights group had member and donation data in various spreadsheets, free platforms, and our heads. Now, it's all in one place (a major deal), and we can see more clearly how our members interact with us over time. In addition, Salsa staff has always been very responsive and helpful when we need them."
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
  18. Josh W.

    Director of Development at Beverly's Birthdays

    Great product

    "Simple to use and extremely cost-effective for small non-profits."
    Read the full Salsa CRM review
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Nonprofit Industry Expert Reviews

Firefly Partners

Firefly Partners Badge
  • “Super easy to edit and launch new digital campaigns quickly”
  • “Only nonprofit software that has a built-in integration with Facebook’s lead ads”
  • “Combine functionality and reporting into one tool”
  • “Well-suited for nonprofits that are focused on multi-channel communication”
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Idealware + NTEN

NTEN Badge
  • “Highly recommended if you need a system that will help you categorize your donors”
  • “Particulatly Strong in Support for pledges, accounting controls, mail-merge, and reporting. ”
  • “Salsa CRM’s user interface is optimized for mobile and is quite usable”
  • “Single sign-on integration with Salsa Engage has brought significant improvements”
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Featured Customers

  • “It's just what we need to help spread the word, build targeted campaigns and track the performance of our campaigns.”
  • “We use Salsa for everything! E-actions, fundraising, sending email blasts, managing our subscribers.”
  • "It really helps to have Salsa’s easy-to-use communication tools to get the word out. We are connecting with the community."
  • "The integration with Salsa CRM was the best feature!"
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G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd Badge
  • “I love the new platform. We previously had Salsa classic and it was great, but this is much more user-friendly.”
  • “There are diverse features available and they are always updating to stay current with trends! I am grateful for the constant updates and the variety of options available.”
  • "Salsa CRM has been outstanding. We feel it is easy to use and has so many features for managing constituents."
  • It is easy to use, and the reporting is very robust.
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