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The Salsa Pricing Options listed below are designed to help you make the most of your technology. We put together the package options to allow your organization to choose the tools it needs most to grow, engage and retain support online.

When it comes to pricing, our success is tied to yours. We base our pricing on the number of supporters you are reaching, not the number of users. Even better, we don't charge donation fees.

No matter which configuration of the Salsa platform you choose, you’ll get the core Organize and Communicate packages. Then, you can customize your Salsa, based on the needs of your organization. You can choose from the following:



Then, you’ll want to consider adding on any of our advanced features- Social CRM, Dedicated Nodes or Chapters and Syndication.

As we mentioned, pricing is determined by list bucket size. It will be assessed monthly and billed quarterly upfront against an annual contract.

ACH Transaction with Payflow Pro
Basic Paid Events
Democracy Engine
Designation Codes
Distributed Events
Donation Pages
Event Follow-up Reminders
Event Wait Lists
First Data Global Gateway
Free Events
iCal/Google Calendar Integration
Multiple Payment Gateways
Offline Gift Managements
P2P Fundraising
PayPal Payflow Link
PayPal Payflow Pro
Recurring Donations
Register for Events with Facebook Connect
Single Donations
Source Tracking
Create a Petition
Create a Targeted Action
Create Letter-to-the-Editor
Fax/Blind Failover
Multi-Content Targeted Actions
Recipient Groups
Targets: City and Local Government
Targets: Congress, President
Targets: Fax Recipients
Targets: Governors
Targets: International
Targets: Media
Targets: State Legislatures
Upload Recipient Lists
Autoresponse: Individual
Autoresponse: Replies
Autoresponse: Timed
Conditional Content
Create and Send Email Blast
Create Email Template from Banner
Custom Social Sharing
Custom Templates
Default Social Sharing
Dynamic Package History Info
Dynamic Supporter Info
Email A/B Split Testing
Email Streaming
Email Summary report
High Quality Whitelisted IP address
Merge Fields
Open/Click/Conversion Tracking
Reply Manager
Saved Queries
Scheduled Blasts
Social CRM
Web Archive
Built-in Reports
Campaign Managers
Contact History
Custom Fields
Custom Reports
Import Supporter Data
Legislative District
Multiple Addresses
Package History
Query Builder
Raiser's Edge Integration
Smart Groups
Social CRM
Standard Groups