Best Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits: 19 Essential Tools

Craig Grella
July 1, 2021

Salesforce is an incredibly customizable CRM with a vast universe of integrations.

With an extensive number of Salesforce apps and integrations available, you can fully customize your experience and ensure you get the most out of your CRM.

The one downside to having so many different integrations available is that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the ones that are best for your nonprofit. To highlight a few, we’ve created this list of the best Salesforce apps for nonprofits that you can use to fit your organization’s technology needs.

With these overviews, you can figure out which ones will help set your organization on the path toward efficiency and success and which ones your team can do without. Let’s dive into some of our favorite choices.

Our top app and integration picks include:

  1. Salsa Engage for Salesforce
  2. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation
  3. Nonprofit Success Pack by Salesforce
  4. DonorSearch
  5. Storage Helper
  6. DocuSign
  7. Wealth Engine
  8. QuickBooks
  9. Survey Monkey
  10. HootSuite
  11. DropBox
  12. InitLive
  13. Resource Hero
  14. Cloudingo
  15. Cirrus Insight
  16. Nonprofits 101 by Cloud for Good
  17. CoPilot
  18. ACME
  19. Tok by Oktana


You can read through this article or use the navigation above to learn more about the apps and integrations that look most interesting to you. We'll dive deeper into what each software tool does and why each of them made our list.

Ready to get started? Let's dive in!

1. Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Understanding Salsa's Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Salsa Engage for Salesforce is a fully integrated suite of fundraising, marketing, and advocacy tools for nonprofits. This software makes it easy to collect information about your supporters in your CRM whenever they make a donation or participate in your advocacy campaigns.

This integration offers important features such as:

  • Bidirectional data integration. Salsa Engage for Salesforce will sync supporter information and activity with Salesforce and Salesforce will sync contact updates and other data with Salsa. This bidirectional integration provides easy data flow as well as easy segmentation and automation for marketing with Engage.
  • Frequent synchronization. Data can be synced between the two platforms as frequently as every 5 minutes. Frequent synchronization keeps your organization up-to-date with almost real-time data and helps you make more precise decisions.
  • User-friendly configuration. With many Salesforce apps for nonprofits, you'll find that you need to bring in consultants or tech experts to get the software up and running. With the user-friendly configuration on Salsa Engage for Salesforce, it's easy to set up the system to sync as frequently as you need it to.
  • Match and merge duplication management. Salsa integrates with Salesforce's Duplicate Matching rule to identify matching profiles in the system. You can choose to automate the merging of these duplicate profiles or view them before merging.

With Salsa Engage for Salesforce, you can leverage the completely customizable Salesforce platform in addition to the effective and robust fundraising tools that Salsa offers.

Salsa's Top Features for Nonprofits

Salsa Engage for Salesforce has a robust set of tools is an all-in-one pack for your nonprofit's fundraising and outreach strategy. The top features that nonprofits can use include:

  • Marketing automation tools. Save email templates and trigger email series to guide supporters toward making a donation or completing another important action using the contact information stored in your CRM. You can also trigger emails and social media posts to release at the same time as important nonprofit activities.

  • Donation forms. Customize your donation forms with your nonprofit's brand colors, fonts, and logos. When supporters give to this page, their information is automatically streamlined into your Salesforce CRM to either create a new donor profile or update an existing one.

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to market the brand of your nonprofit by spreading the word through the networks of your existing supporters. Meanwhile, your nonprofit collects important donations!

  • Event registration pages. Event attendance is an incredibly important part of your nonprofit's engagement strategy. Integrating event registration pages with your Salesforce CRM makes it easy to streamline the data collected from event registrations into supporter profiles. Plus you can better organize your events.

  • Targeted actions. Targeted actions are the perfect tools for advocacy campaigns. You can easily connect your supporters to their legislators and other community leaders to encourage them to make changes to policy processes in support of your cause.

With all of these software solutions available in a single solution, your nonprofit will have the complete software toolkit that you need to develop your relationships with supporters.

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Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

For nonprofits using Salesforce, the Salsa Engage for Salesforce application is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to maintain. For nonprofits using Salsa’s email marketing automaton, Salsa Engage for Salesforce adds another layer of data coordination, which keeps all the critical information and activity from your supporters and donors at your fingertips.

For those organizations that update information in Salesforce and perform marketing through Engage, this application allows you to pull that Salesforce Data into Engage and use it for email and marketing personalization, which is proven to increase supporter engagement and donation capacity.

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2. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

360MatchPro is a top Salesforce integration for your nonprofits matching gift fundraising efforts.

Understanding 360MatchPro's Nonprofit Salesforce App

360MatchPro is fundraising software that empowers nonprofits to secure matching gifts. It’s a time-saving tool that helps you find companies that provide matching gifts, and because of the legal requirements with gift matching, it gives employees the documents and information they need to submit to their employees to complete the match.

In addition to Salesforce, 360MatchPro can also scan email domains, donation forms, and confirmation screens to determine whether supporters may be eligible to submit matching gift requests to their employers.

Your nonprofit can then use 360MatchPro to automate email communications to these supporters, informing them of their eligibility and reminding them to complete their matching gift requests through their employers.

Matching gifts are a valuable source of revenue for nonprofits (and a way for supporters to feel good about giving more to their favorite causes), but they're too often forgotten or overlooked. 360MatchPro helps ensure that your nonprofit won't miss out on any matching gift opportunities, no matter how large your supporter base is.

360MatchPro's Top Features for Nonprofits

360MatchPro has a few features that will save your team time and open up opportunities for new potential matching gifts. This software:

  • Captures matching information right from your existing donation forms.

  • Presents donors with the forms, guidelines, and next steps they need to take to submit their match request.

  • Helps you identify matching gift opportunities in your existing donor database.

    Includes a dashboard of aggregated matching gift metrics.

  • Syncs your data to your CRM

360MatchPro combines the efficiency of automation with personalized features to facilitate stronger relationships between your nonprofit and your supporters.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

The application dashboard is clear and consistent with its web offering. It provides an easy-to-use interface and makes the gift matching process seamless for employees, which can be a barrier to entry for those who think making a matching gift can be a complicated process. 360MatchPro just makes it easy!

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3. Nonprofit Success Pack by Salesforce

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - SNPSP

Understanding the Nonprofit Success Pack's App

If your nonprofit is already using Salesforce, it's likely that you already have access to the Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP. This Salesforce app for nonprofits is used frequently to help organizations get started using the CRM.

The pre-set configurations and core functionality transform the core Salesforce CRM into a complete nonprofit platform.

The NPSP is extremely useful to help nonprofits adjust to Salesforce and realize the functionality of the CRM.

The only limitation to the NPSP is that nonprofits easily grow out of the pre-set configurations, requiring more functionality. Many other apps integrate with this pack, so when you decide to expand, look for other Salesforce apps and integrations that will integrate with the CRM and this app.

Nonprofit Success Pack's Top Features for Nonprofits

The NPSP has top features that all nonprofits should have access to in order to fully utilize their CRM software. The core features of the NPSP include:

  • A shared view of constituents across common nonprofit teams including fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership.

  • Supporter profiles capture all your income data in one place and in real-time.

  • Fundraising and performance dashboards.

  • Over 60 out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to understand and share your success with those invested in your cause.

This app is an inexpensive starting pack for your nonprofit. It's a great way to begin using your Salesforce investment.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

The pack creates an ecosystem within Salesforce that allows your nonprofit to use the power of the Salesforce database and CRM to track all the necessary nonprofit functions you need. It’s made available as a grant to nonprofits with ten users or less and is an affordable way to get started using Salesforce.

When partnered with Salsa Engage, the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is a great entry point for the Salesforce Ecosystem.

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4. DonorSearch

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - DonorSearch

Understanding DonorSearch’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

DonorSearch's wealth and philanthropic databases are used by nonprofits everywhere to better boost major giving campaigns, marketing campaigns, and other campaigns in which they want to learn more about their supporters.

With access to DonorSearch for Salesforce, you can use the DonorSearch database to learn more about each supporter as their data is streamlined into your CRM from lead captures or fundraising pages. 

As contacts enter Salesforce, you can learn more about them using over 20 fields of data from DonorSearch’s comprehensive donor database. It helps identify potential major donors and shows you when they’ve given to other organizations and how much they’ve given.

DonorSearch's Top Features for Nonprofits

While DonorSearch stands on its own as a database, the Salesforce integration for nonprofits offers unique features to help your nonprofit effectively leverage prospect research tools within your CRM. These features include:

  • Data imports. Import research results into DonorSearch fields to use crucial data in custom reports.

  • One-click profile generation. Click the DonorSearch button on the Salesforce platform to access detailed supporter profiles and manually research each donor.

  • Custom workflows. Customize workflows to help you review every donor as they enter your CRM automatically.

  • Create tasks to continue research. These tasks can help you conduct further research, refine ratings, or take action.

  • Measure donor affinity through charitable giving history to other organizations.

  • Wealth screening tools quickly assess capacity for giving, accounting for real estate, business, and SEC holdings.

  • In-depth prospect profiles are created and imported with one click.

You can use the data DonorSearch provides to help enhance any of your nonprofit's fundraising campaigns and outreach.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

DonorSearch lets you create campaigns with potential donors, run the wealth screening analysis, and automatically load the results in your CRM — even with millions of records. Also, MarketingCloud or Pardot users can send automated marketing messages to their potential donor targets using data from DonorSearch campaigns.

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5. Storage Helper

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - Storage Helper

Understanding Storage Helper’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Nonprofits that segment their data and send contacts contextually relevant material they care about usually raise more money and see more engagement from their supporters. Nonprofits that send the same messages to ALL their supporters usually see lower engagement, higher spam rates, and more list attrition.

Storage Helper's Salesforce app for nonprofits helps you save money on Salesforce data storage fees.

Your nonprofit probably has old records saved in Salesforce that are no longer relevant. Storage Helper is designed to identify storage usage trends and automatically delete irrelevant information.

Storage Helper's Top Features for Nonprofits

Storage Helper not only helps you identify the opportunities for additional storage space, but it also automates mass deleting of records and archiving of data to save the time your nonprofit spends on saving space.

Storage Helper makes it easy to clean your data, get rid of old and stale contacts, and keep your email lists populated with the right people. Storage Helper‘s top features include:

  • Mass delete activities, emails, cases, accounts, contacts, or any other standard or custom object.

  • Delete data on a simple schedule that you define.

  • Delete data on an ad-hoc basis and run jobs manually at any time.

  • Safely delete data and backup your deleted files before the contact deletion occurs.

  • Set a data storage usage threshold and receive an alert when you reach it.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

Storage Helper prevents you from paying for more storage space when you don’t have to. With the increased reliance on cloud computing, nonprofits are wise to take advantage of easy ways to save a few dollars on digital budgets.

Storage Helper also backs up all of the Salesforce records that it deletes to a .csv file before the deletion occurs, so if there are any issues, the data can be restored from your backup.

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6. DocuSign

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - DocuSign

Understanding DocuSign's Salesforce App for Nonprofits

DocuSign harnesses the power of technology to make signing agreements fast and easy. From contracts to registration waivers, DocuSign makes it easy to distribute agreements to the appropriate audience.

Once signed, supporter information included on the agreement is streamlined into your Salesforce CRM, eliminating the costly human error that comes with manual reporting. DocuSign syncs with your Salesforce contacts, adds signature activity data, and links signed documents to those records.

DocuSign's Top Features for Nonprofits

DocuSign’s features make it easy to get e-signatures from your contacts and keep that information stored in your CRM with your other essential contact data. Here are some of the best features you can leverage to streamline the management of legal documentation:

  • Send agreements for signatures directly to Salesforce contacts or specify email addresses.

  • Create agreements with DocuSign templates that pull in any Salesforce data saved on that record with merge fields.

  • Documents automatically adapt formatting to the device size and orientation for mobile signers.

  • After the document has been signed, it's stored automatically to a secure online network. Administrators and signers can access the document anywhere at any time.

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Any nonprofit that needs a signature attached to a document can benefit from using the DocuSign application for Salesforce. This includes signing contracts with vendors you work with, getting photo usage approvals for your website or social media, HR documents like social media policies, and so much more.

Having all this information at your fingertips reduces the likelihood of losing those documents and saves time that would generally be spent looking through archives and old storage.

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7. WealthEngine

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - Wealth Insights

WealthEngine Insights for Salesforce gives your nonprofit staff accurate and actionable wealth and lifestyle intelligence on adults in the United States. It then syncs that data to your Salesforce CRM.

Understanding WealthEngine’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

WealthEngine helps you identify high-impact donors based on predictive analytics and personal attributes related to their propensity and capacity to give. The software analyzes your contact list and scores contacts against various wealth attributes. It then helps you build lists of potential donors with hyper-personalized outreach based on that wealth data, so you can increase the likelihood of successful appeals.

WealthEngine’s Top Features for Nonprofits

WealthEngine is one of the leading wealth screening tools available and lists an impressive feature set focused on giving you extensive insight into the giving capacity of your donors. Features include the ability to:

  • Identify high-impact donors.

  • Find net-new donors that look like your best prospects by mining a database of over 250 million contacts.

  • Understand 100+ attributes on demographics, real estate, giving, and wealth.

  • Append wealth profiles automatically in your Salesforce CRM, one record at a time or in bulk of up to 100,000 records.

  • Target segments based on their wealth profiles and create campaigns based on precise wealth and lifestyle criteria.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

Wealth screening is all about personalization. The more you understand your donors, the better you can communicate with them, which means more engagement and higher fundraising totals. It also speeds up the development research process, giving your team the information it needs to achieve your fundraising strategies.

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8. QuickBooks

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - QuickBooks

QuickBooks is software to help keep track of and report on your organization’s finances. It handles supporter donations, invoicing, vendor payments and can also act as a payment processor. It can connect with your bank’s online system, reconcile your register, handle credit payments, and much more.

Understanding QuickBooks’ Salesforce App for Nonprofits

The QuickBooks Salesforce integration syncs your financial data for your donors and supporters and makes that information available to your entire finance team.

It adds financial activities to contact records so you can see previous donations, donation history, and payments your organization makes to vendors. Then, you can create lists based on that financial information and craft marketing outreach based on those segmented lists.

QuickBooks’ Top Features for Nonprofits

QuickBooks for Salesforce is an add-on extension of the QuickBooks financial product which offers the following features:

  • Access for 5-30 simultaneous users

  • Donor information that’s stored securely

  • Ability to fine-tune levels of access, so volunteers only see the information they need

  • Information you need to manage donors, fundraising campaigns, volunteers, and employees all in one place

  • Unlimited technical support and training

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

For organizations that use QuickBooks and Salesforce separately, the QuickBooks Salesforce integration helps bridge those two programs and make crucial financial information available in one place. It also makes critical financial reports available for nonprofits with the push of a button that delivers information to your board quickly and painlessly.

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9. SurveyMonkey

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is an online tool that allows you to create and share online surveys. In addition, the Salesforce integration syncs survey response data back into your Salesforce nonprofit CRM.

Understanding SurveyMonkey’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

There are many situations in which you could use survey information in your organization, including sentiment analysis, net promoter scores, and feedback on programs and services. SurveyMonkey’s Salesforce integration helps you collect that data and sync it to your contact list in Salesforce.

SurveyMonkey’s Top Features for Nonprofits

SurveyMonkey is an excellent tool for capturing data from supporters. The main benefit of the Salesforce integration is that it automatically syncs that response data back to your contact records in Salesforce. It also enables you to:

  • Automatically trigger surveys after a transaction or other event to keep track of customer sentiment.

  • Trigger surveys after events or webinars and get response data tied back to the opportunity.

  • Learn more about your prospects to identify potential donors in your CRM better and create more personalized campaigns.

  • Adjust survey options to match nearly any question type

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

The SurveyMonkey Salesforce app for nonprofits enriches your data, allows for detailed reporting, and makes it possible for your organization to automate outreach to specific contact segments based on responses to those survey questions.

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10. HootSuite

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Image - Hootsuite

HootSuite is software that helps your nonprofit post to nearly all major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. In all, HootSuite supports more than 20 social media networks to which you can post.

Understanding HootSuite’s Salesforce App for Nonprofits

HootSuite’s application allows you to draft social media messages and schedule them to post on nearly any social network. Multiple members of your team can access the application and work on your social assets.

You can create hashtags to watch, follow other user accounts, run searches for special terms across one or more networks simultaneously. You can also assign social posts to other team members for follow-up. For example, let’s say that while browsing messages on Facebook, you come across someone mentioning they might want to donate. You can assign that as a task to your development team, and they can follow up directly.

HootSuite’s Top Features for Nonprofits

This nonprofit Salesforce app enables any organization to harness the power of social media and almost effortlessly expand their online presence. To help streamline the process, HootSuite’s key features allow you to:

  • View social details for Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts in Salesforce

  • Identify and capture new donation leads and opportunities discovered on social media.

  • Manually add relevant social activities to contact records.

  • Segment your contact list based on social activities recorded by HootSuite.

  • Leverage sentiment analysis.

  • Schedule posts via the social editorial calendar.

  • Use reporting dashboards and social media analytics.

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

HootSuite has been a leading social media posting application for many years, with its product getting progressively better each year. Many nonprofits rely on social engagement more than any other communication medium, and HootSuite makes it possible to bring that social interaction directly into your CRM.

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11. Dropbox

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Dropbox

Dropbox is a file-sharing service that allows nonprofits to securely upload and share files with coworkers, people outside of their organization, and the public.

Understanding Dropbox’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Dropbox’s Salesforce app helps you work more efficiently with your team and works with Sales and Service Cloud. It allows you to bring Dropbox content directly into Salesforce records and share files in Content Builder to collaborate with external partners. Changes made to the file are synced back to the content builder in real-time.

Dropbox’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Dropbox’s features for Salesforce mirror those of its desktop and mobile applications, including:

  • The ability to load, store, and pull files directly into Dropbox from a Salesforce record.

  • Sync your changes as soon as you make them, so all of your Salesforce users will have real-time access to the most recent version of your content.

  • Easily track what content has been shared, viewed, and downloaded.

  • Access assets in Dropbox right from within Salesforce.

  • Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

Dropbox is one of the oldest and most respected file-sharing services available. They offer encrypted documents, enhanced privacy and security settings, real-time syncing between applications, and integrations with many of the existing applications your nonprofit is probably already using.

There are many situations where you’d want to attach a document to a contact record, and this process is straightforward with the Dropbox app for Salesforce.

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12. InitLive

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - InitLive

InitLive is an application that helps your nonprofit sign up new volunteers, track their recruitment data, and manage the entire volunteer process.

Understanding InitLive’s Salesforce App for Nonprofits

By connecting your Salesforce CRM with InitLive, you can customize each volunteer's experience by harnessing data points like their interests, past volunteer experiences, and donation history.

InitLive for Salesforce automates all data updates between your volunteer management account and your Salesforce CRM, keeping your volunteer information in sync between the two applications.

The sync is bi-directional, which means information added in Salesforce syncs with InitLive and vice-versa, so no matter where you update volunteer data, it will always be up to date in either system.

InitLive’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Volunteer management requires special skills and software to handle intake forms, time scheduling, and even document signing and sharing. InitLive excels with the ability for your staff to track things like:

  • Volunteer hours worked

  • Volunteer interests

  • Volunteer skills

  • Volunteer ability

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

One of the fastest ways to lose volunteers is to recruit them and then give them nothing to do...or worse — to provide them with a bad experience at an event. This can sometimes happen, especially with nonprofits that don’t have procedures to manage the volunteer process.

InitLive helps you standardize the volunteer process from start to finish and syncs that volunteer data with your contact records in your nonprofit CRM. Dashboard and reporting tools help you understand where all your volunteers are in their relationship with your organization. It also allows you to better schedule and engage your volunteers, so they keep coming back!

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13. Resource Hero

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Resource Hero

Resource Hero helps your organization manage project resources, track time, and forecast workload for your team. Resource Hero is an invaluable tool for organizations that work on multiple projects and need to track time and report on the efforts of staff and contractors.

Understanding Resource Hero’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Resource Hero is native to Salesforce, which means you work with the application directly in your Salesforce nonprofit CRM — no external apps are required.

You create projects, assign people to those projects, forecast hours per week using a spreadsheet-like interface, and then see the availability and workload of your team as the project progresses.

Resource Hero’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Resource Hero gives your organization the ability to resource plan efficiently and to track your team’s workload with the following features:

  • Employee and contractor time tracking

  • Project health tracking shows you which projects are on task and which are falling behind

  • Multiple dashboards and reports to analyze and accurately forecast your projects

  • Ability to create quotes and invoices based on hours worked inside your projects

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

Too often, nonprofit staff members get burned out for taking on more work than they can handle. With Resource Hero, you can more accurately plan the work each member is assigned to make sure they are never overloaded. You also can automate workflows based on assignments inside Salesforce, which is great for nonprofits that separate work into silos like marketing, development, executive management, and so on.

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14. Cloudingo

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Cloudingo

Sometimes you need to split, merge, or migrate data to and from your Salesforce CRM. When that happens, Cloudingo is your go-to nonprofit Salesforce application. Their tool helps with data cleansing and migrating information into, out of, and between Salesforce instances.

Understanding Cloudingo’s Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Moving data takes attention to detail, a lot of patience, and an excellent plan. Cloudingo’s team helps your organization create a migration plan to keep your data safe during its movement, and your content types get matched with the proper objects in Salesforce.

Cloudingo’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Moving data with Cloudingo is a breeze. With their nonprofit Salesforce application, your team will be able to:

  • Define the scope of your data project, data sources, structure, and any integrations needed for transfer.

  • Cleanse data, dedupe, and standardize it.

  • Monitor data transfer and generation of data governance, historical records, and project artifacts.

  • Implement a data quality strategy to prevent data in your Salesforce org from degrading.

  • Protection against inconsistencies, duplication, and errors.

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Any nonprofit working with a CRM knows their data can get a little dirty after a few years of adding, editing, and deleting contacts. Outdated information can have adverse effects on fundraising, development, email engagement, and supporter relationships. Nonprofits must keep clean data, and that’s where Cloudingo comes in.

When you use Cloudingo, you get the support of their experienced team. They work with you to create a data migration plan, sanitize the data, match it to your Salesforce objects, manage the migration, and perform post-migration checks to make sure everything was correctly moved.

For nonprofits with large lists, Cloudingo’s dedupe features can save you money. In addition, by getting rid of old or duplicate records, you can reduce account limits and storage costs. This is especially important when using email marketing systems that charge by the contact.

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15. Cirrus Insight

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Cirrus Insights

Cirrus Insight is a handy application that brings your email inbox into your Salesforce application, allowing you to put your most often used nonprofit tool next to your CRM data. You can also see your Salesforce data inside a sidebar in your email application, whether you use Gmail, Google Workspace, or Microsoft Outlook.

Understanding Cirrus Insight’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Cirrus works by syncing meaningful business activity between your email applications and your Salesforce database. It also makes your critical Salesforce data available inside your email programs in a responsive sidebar that is easy to navigate.

Cirrus Insight’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Cirrus Insight makes it easy to sync data between your two most important nonprofit applications — email and CRM — with features that let you:

Automate scheduling and have personalized booking pages.

  • Sync Emails and Calendar events to Salesforce.

  • Track unlimited emails and attachments.

  • Schedule send later emails; set follow-up reminders; mail merge Salesforce Templates inside Gmail, Outlook, or mobile.

  • Create and update Leads, Contacts, Donations, and custom records on any standard or custom Salesforce object from inside your inbox.

  • See who opens your emails, what links they click, and which web pages they visit for timely, focused follow-up.

  • Personalize templates for sending emails.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

We love the template feature of Cirrus, which speeds up sending emails to contacts in your email program and automatically logs those contacts into Salesforce. It also syncs any documents you attach to your emails, which can be accessed later in Salesforce or referenced in a conversation with your contact, so you’re always up to date. The calendar scheduling feature is beneficial and prevents the dozens of back and forth messages that often go hand-in-hand with trying to schedule meetings over email.

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16. Nonprofits 101 by Cloud for Good

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a certified Salesforce partner specializing in donor management, case management, and marketing automation implementations for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions. They help organizations get up and running on Salesforce and then set up your instance for your success.

Understanding Nonprofits 101’s Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Cloud for Good has performed thousands of Salesforce implementations for nonprofits, and their Salesforce application is an extension of the services they offer online and off.

Nonprofits 101’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Nonprofit 101’s top features cover the wide range of needs for nearly any nonprofit organization that wants to get started with Salesforce, including:

  • Technology planning

  • Optimizing your CRM and technology with a holistic plan to align your teams

  • Ongoing system maintenance and training for your team inside Salesforce CRM

    Relevant report creation

  • Automation of tasks and workflows that your team uses regularly

  • Setup of marketing automation campaigns

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Nonprofits considering moving to Salesforce need to work with a partner who can analyze their process and replicate them in Salesforce to take full advantage of the efficiencies offered by using that CRM. Sometimes doing this yourself ends up in frustration, lost data, and employees who get frustrated because they don’t know their way around a new system. That leads to poor data collection and eventually the abandonment of your system.

Cloud for Good employs experts at moving nonprofits teams onto Salesforce and setting them up for success. With their managed services, nonprofits gain an entire team of IT professionals and the support they need to keep their data clean.

Get Started with Nonprofit 101 by Cloud for Good

17. CoPilot

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - CoPilot

CoPilot is a student information system that provides coaches and advisors with a 360-degree view of their students.

Understanding CoPilot’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Nonprofits that offer coaching and education can track student progress inside their CRM and CoPilot application. It helps you capture all aspects of each student’s journey from application and acceptance to financial aid, degrees or certificates earned, social data, advising sessions, and more.

CoPilot’s Top Features for Nonprofits

CoPilot has workflows and automation that allow you and your team to spend more time with students and less time on data entry. Their application is a complete student interface for running your educational services, including features like:

  • The ability to view your entire student lifecycle

  • Dynamic dashboards and reporting, which you can share with board members and funders.

  • Financial aid tracking

  • Attendance tracking

  • Degree and certificates earned

  • The ability to support student progress throughout the cradle-to-career pipeline

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

CoPilot allows you to stop tracking your important student data on spreadsheets and move into an application that syncs with your CRM. It puts student activity information on their contact records used to personalize communication when you use tools like Salsa Engage or other email marketing tools.

CoPilot also gives you insight into the financial aid situation of each student and helps you visualize and keep track of how students are paying for a class. Administrators can leverage several workflows and dynamic reporting functions, and they can analyze critical student information to deliver more targeted data-informed interventions and increase college graduation rates for all enrolled students.

Any nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities can make use of the CoPilot for Salesforce application.

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18. ACME

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - ACME Ticketing

ACME is ticketing software for museums, zoos, gardens, and other organizations running Salesforce CRM. They provide advance ticketing, membership, and donation management that syncs with Salesforce and your nonprofit marketing automation platforms.

Understanding ACME’s Salesforce App for Nonprofits

ACME’s event management and ticketing system works on desktops, mobile devices, and out in the field at your in-person events. Their application allows you to manage the entire ticketing and event process and to sync the attendee data with your CRM.

ACME’s Top Features for Nonprofits

ACME’s ticketing software aggregates all visitor transactions onto a single customer record and boasts additional features like:

  • Ticket sales in just three steps

  • Upsells for converting single tickets into memberships

  • Mobile point of sale systems

  • The ability to work offline even if your network is down

  • Paperless options with digital tickets and receipts

  • The option to accept payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and secure chip

  • Hardware to integrate with your in-person events

Why We Love This Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Open APIs, contactless ticketing solutions, and capacity management are hallmarks of the ACME system, making it extensible to nearly any nonprofit event need. Also, the natural follow-up to having event attendee data synced in Salesforce is the ability to automate email marketing and social media follow-up based on custom event lists. This is a compelling feature for nonprofits that are holding conferences or education events online and offline.

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19. Tok by Oktana

Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits - Tok

Tok by Oktana helps you maximize usage of Chatter, Salesforce’s internal team chat application.

Understanding Tok’s Nonprofit Salesforce App

Any nonprofit that needs to keep secure team communications for legal reasons can tap into Tok’s native compliance-friendly archive abilities. In addition, the application adds additional functionality to Chatter, making its already functional interface much more user-friendly.

Tok’s Top Features for Nonprofits

Tok offers secure, real-time chat within your Salesforce Chatter application. It allows your entire staff and outside team members to communicate without email or phone and stay up to date on projects. Tok will enable your nonprofit’s team to:

  • Chat in public and have private conversations.

  • Share messages between groups and communities.

  • Stay updated with browser alerts on your Salesforce account.

  • See whether or not colleagues are online or offline.

  • Share and follow messages and files uploaded by colleagues.

  • Track messages and archives for auditing purposes.

  • Upload files directly from your desktop to Chatter.

  • Like and bookmark favorite posts, comments, and messages.

Why We Love This Nonprofit Salesforce App

It’s like Slack, but all within a secure area of your Salesforce CRM application. As a result, conversations are easily separated by communities, groups, or private messages, and your teams can stay productive on their tasks in real-time.

Nonprofits that use chat applications like Tok can increase their efficiency and save time by ditching long email chain project updates.

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With so many possibilities for Salesforce apps and integrations, you can configure your CRM with all of the functionality your nonprofit needs.

Many of these apps work nicely as a complement to Salsa’s Engage for Salesforce App too, which means you can run them side by side and retain the marketing automation and ease-of-use of Salsa’s tools while adding additional functionality that these new apps bring to your Salesforce CRM.

This list of 19 Salesforce apps for nonprofits is a great place to get started with some of the functionality nonprofits use most.

Drop us a note on Facebook and let us know which Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits you’ve used and like the best!


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